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Volkswagen collaborates with Wei-Ling Gallery on one-of-a-kind Arteon art cars

As Volkswagen's flagship model, the Arteon offers the perfect combination of avant-garde design with dynamic handling. Its name is a true reflection of its appearance - 'Art' describes the fastback's harmonious lines and emotionality, while 'eon' identifies' it as a premium Volkswagen model.

One only needs a glance to appreciate the Arteon's stunning design. Visually breath-taking from any angle, the fastback represented a turning point for the brand as the first of a new generation of Volkswagen models that are more evocative in design and emotionally appealing. It seemed befitting then for Volkswagen to work with the country's most renowned art gallery, Wei-Ling Gallery on a project to celebrate the Arteon.

Bottom (L): Yau Bee Ling - Exuberant Vitality; (R): Hamidi Hadi - Penetrating Imagination.

Above (L): TOPY - The Logo No. 2 On Car; (R): Chin Kong Yee - Leather? Car?

The timing for this landmark collaboration could not have been more apt, as the gallery had recently ran "18@8 Turning Points" exhibition, which explored past life experiences of 13 leading Malaysian artists through different philosophical, technical and aesthetic approaches, in the form of thought-provoking art pieces.

The artists were each given a scale model of the Arteon to be transformed into unique art cars, directly linked to their original pieces from Turning Points. The results? Art works that are evocative and bold, perfectly representing the Arteon's position as a masterpiece on wheels. The Arteon art cars will be sold via auction, and proceeds from the auction channelled to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA).

Bottom (L): Chen Wei Meng - Graceful; (R): Cheng Yen Pheng - Untitled.

Above (L): Ivan Lam - U-Turn; (R): Cheong Kiet Cheng - Posing on the Tree

Prominent Malaysian artists who participated in this project include Anurendra Jegadeva and Ivan Lam who recently represented Malaysia at the 58th Venice Art Biennale, Hamidi Hadi, Yau Bee Ling and Choy Chun Wei.

Anurendra Jegadeva's Arteon was inspired by 'A Garland for My Father', presented as a portrait of his father surrounded by light boxes, featuring archival photos of family members and their Volkswagen Beetle. Wong Chee Meng's 'The Yearning Realm', with a unique painting approach in which layers of images are juxtaposed to form an illusion, this reflected onto the Arteon through the same use of red and blue lenses.

Bottom (L): Choy Chun Wen - Moving On; (R): Anurendra Jegadeva - Remembering the Love Bug.

Above (L): Rajinder Singh - Jal; (R): Sean Lean - Wave.

Below: Wong Chee Meng - Dream No 8.


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