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Walnut Blasting Decarbonizer

For optimum engine performance

Tested and approved for your Volkswagen engine

The most effective carbon removal

The Volkswagen Walnut Blasting Decarbonizer uses walnut shells to gently remove carbon build-up in the engine for a cleaner and smoother drive. Recognized and approved by Volkswagen AG, this method is economical, efficient and non-corrosive, without the use of harmful chemicals.

 All cars with a direct injection engine that runs on gasoline will produce carbon deposits as a by-product of the combustion process which can lead to sluggish engine performance. This is aggravated by stop-and-go city driving. Over the years, this causes a build-up of black soot that hardens around the intake valves. The build-up causes restrictions in the engine, resulting in loss of power, overheating and higher fuel consumption. Aside from the Electronic Power Control and Engine Warning lights, other symptoms are rough idling, poor acceleration, engine misfire and knocking sounds.

The best way to stop carbon deposits from becoming an issue is to keep your Volkswagen maintained well. Regular servicing using good quality oil and filters is essential. It's also important to give your car a good run occasionally.



Why Volkswagen Walnut Blasting is the better choice.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts
We only use genuine parts manufactured for your Volkswagen.

Peace of mind
All gaskets, seals and o-rings, which are mandatory to be replaced during the repair, are replaced following to the manufacturer guidelines.

Specialised expertise
Our technicians are trained by the manufacturer to repair your Volkswagen.

100% Volkswagen approved.

How carbon deposit affects engine's performance.

A by-product of combustion, carbon is the black soot that collects and hardens on the cylinder head, cylinder wall, piston and valves.

This may results in higher oil consumption, engine knocking sound and engine overheating.

Almost all types of gasolines produce carbon deposits on engine components.

When should you consider engine carbon cleaning.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended at every 45,000km.

Your engine malfunction indicator or Electronic Power Control light lights up.

Your engine misfires and erratic idling after a cold start.

Your car runs sluggishly, there is no power and you experience a lack of acceleration.

Watch how it is done

"The Volkswagen Walnut Blasting Decarbonizer – Recognized and approved by Volkswagen AG, this method is economical, efficient and non-corrosive, without the use of harmful chemicals.

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