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Lead the revolution The new Golf R

Introducing the R Performance Package

The new Golf R now comes with the R Performance Package for a more engaging and dynamic drive. 

The Golf R with R Performance Package

R Performance Titanium Exhaust System Pure Sound

Akrapovic, the famous exhaust makers, teamed up with Volkswagen to create a more performance oriented exhaust system that offers an even more engaging sound and performance. It is also lighter and reduces the unsprung weight at the rear of the vehicle. 

R Performance Rear Spoiler Pure Aerodynamics

This larger and more aggressive rear spoiler on the Golf R enables and improves traction at higher speeds with more downforce on the rear axle. The design of the spoiler is motorsport inspired and honed for aerodynamics. It also adds a more aggressive visual effect at the rear of the Golf R. 

R Performance 19" Estoril Alloy Wheels Pure Style

The beautifully machined 19" Estoril alloy wheels add a sense of refined and restrained aggression and complements the R philosophy. 

R Special and Drift Modes Pure Fun

The 2 new modes, Special and Drift, adds another level of fun and control in the Golf R. It allows full upshift control and also optimises the steering response and lateral dynamics during performance driving. 

Introducing the IQ.DRIVE

Designed to
keep you safer

Getting where you need to go just got a lot easier. IQ.DRIVE is designed to help you navigate the road ahead with enhanced safety. From in-town rides to highway drives, IQ.DRIVE is there for you no matter the destination. ⁠

Travel Assist with Adaptive Cruise Control

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Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert

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Front Assist

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Travel Assist with ACC

Driving with a little help behind the wheel

From steering support to speeding up or slowing down, IQ.DRIVE technology helps keep your mind at ease. Our engineers would tell you it's because it has hands on semi-automated driving capabilities, but we like to think of it as an added boost of reassurance to help keep you safer on the road.⁠


Adaptive Cruise Control

Going with the flow made more stress-free

When the road gets busy, IQ.DRIVE can help keep things cruising. When dealing with traffic on the highway, it uses sensors to detect vehicles ahead of you, helping adjust your speed, and manages the distance between you and what's in front of you, adapting to the situation you're in.⁠


Side Assist

Helping steer you clear of the things you might not see

When you're focused on the journey ahead, your vehicle's IQ.DRIVE technologies can help by alerting you when another vehicle may be hiding in your blind spots and helping counter-steer when necessary.⁠

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Backing you up when you back up

You can't always see what might be crossing behind you when reversing out of a parking spot or backing out of a driveway. IQ.DRIVE technologies can help monitor what's behind, alerting you when cars and motorcycles that could cause a collision are detected and helping hit the brakes before it's too late.⁠

Front Assist

Alerting you before a collision

Even when we're driving at our best, we still need to keep an eye out to avoid accidents with other cars or pedestrians in front of us. Thankfully, the IQ.DRIVE technology monitors the road ahead with the ability to help brake on its own. It'll first provide audio and visual alerts when you're driving at higher speeds and at risk of a potential collision. Then, if necessary, it'll automatically apply brakes to help mitigate or avoid a collision.⁠


Emergency Assist

Helping you stop when you can’t

When Travel or Lane Assist is active and something serious happens where you lose the ability to drive, IQ.DRIVE technologies can help bring you to a stop. First, it'll alert you numerous times and if you're still unresponsive, it'll bring the car to a controlled stop, helping to keep you and others on the road safer.⁠

Lane Assist

Helping you stay between the lines for the long haul

No matter what kind of road you're driving on, if you're 35 mph or faster, IQ.DRIVE can help keep you from going over the lines. If your vehicle begins to drift without your turn signal on, IQ.DRIVE can warn you and counter-steer when activated to help ensure you stay in your lane.

Safety Cell

Keeping you safe

The safety structure of the Golf R is made to protect you and your loved ones in an emergency situation. The combination of high quality steel is extensively engineered for this purpose. 7 airbags (including a centre airbag) also adds the additional protection needed. 


Automatic Post Collision Brake System

Always helping you every time

Applies the brakes to prevent or mitigate a subsequent impact when a vehicle is involved in a collision.

Rest Assist (Driver Alert System)

Being alert

Get reminded to take a break on long and tiring journeys.



Keeping your children safe

Secures your child's car seat to reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Safety net for a safer drive

Detects critical situations at an early stage, and takes action to stop skidding and help bring your car safely back under control.

Inspired by technology and motorsport pedigree

The Golf R is a truly modern performance hatchback: unmistakably Golf, but with performance in mind. This phenomenal car delivers all the dynamic handling, exhilaration and excitement you could ask for, along with the class-leading performance and sheer driving enjoyment you'd expect from the fastest ever Golf. 

Dynamic, high performance, intuitive and more responsive than ever before, the Golf R represents the best generation of the Golf model.

Advanced features in an iconic model

Signature lighting with LED Headlamps

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Digital Cockpit

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Vehicle Dynamics Manager

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A new generation of performance driving

Ever since the Golf R was created, it has been defining its class. The Golf R has once again demonstrated that it is driven by innovation. Get to know and explore the Golf's features.


Beautifully dynamic

The Golf R exterior features clean design with narrow LED headlights and a leaner front grille. The imposing bumper gives the Golf R more presence and now sits lower to the ground, for a more responsive and better arodynamic performance.


Make yourself at home

The Golf R showcases Volkswagen's quality interior design at its finest. As soon as you ease into the R sports seats you'll notice that thanks to the new innovative design, there are far fewer buttons to navigate on the dashboard. The ambient lighting package illuminates the interior from a selection of 30 colours.

R iconic styling

R motorsport inspired styling

With 19" Alloy wheels and R aerodynamic exterior styling, the Golf R looks good from every angle and unassumingly sporty. 

LED headlight system with LED daytime running lights

See better, be seen

The full LED headlights and a striking LED light strip extends across the radiator grille to create continuous illumination. The headlights also comes with light assist function (automatic high beam). 

LED taillights with signature lighting

Dynamic indicators

LED tinted tail light clusters with dynamic sequential indicator function, emphasises the Golf's sleek, modern and striking rear design. 

It's all about the drive

From the 320PS engine, to the R sports seats, the Golf R is all about the drive. A performance hatch made for the enthusiast to enjoy the art of performance driving. Inspired by motorsport events, the Golf R is made to perform at any time, yet it offers the practicality of an everyday hatchback. 

2.0TSI 320PS | 400Nm

Top of your game with 320PS

The Golf R boasts 235 kW / 320 PS and a torque of 400Nm. The car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds and onto an electronically limited top speed of up to 250km/h. 

4MOTION with Performance Torque Vectoring

4MOTION with Performance Torque Vectoring

Features a newly developed four-wheel drive system with selective wheel torque control on the rear axle, called 4MOTION with Performance Torque Vectoring. The system not only manages power between the front and rear axles, but also between the two rear wheels. Up to 100 % of available torque can be directed to the rear wheel on the outside of a bend, which leads to noticeably more agile handling.

Vehicle Dynamics Manager with DCC

Setup at your fingertips

Vehicle Dynamics Manager, first seen on the Golf GTI, also features on the Golf R - the first application of this system with four-wheel drive. In short, it continually optimises vehicle handling by coordinating all electromechanical functions. These include the XDS electronic differential lock, DCC (if fitted), and even the clutch control for the rear torque vectoring function. 

R Upgrades

Performance upgrades

The Golf R is lowered by 20 mm compared with the standard production model and its running gear has been tuned further than before. Springs rates have been increased by 10 % over the outgoing car, while increased negative camber on the front axle aids higher cornering speeds. A more rigid and lighter aluminium front subframe has also been utilised, and the progressive steering is now more direct for greater feedback. Stopping power in the Golf R has been upgraded too with bigger brakes compared to the older model. 

Connected wirelessly

From making a call to getting the most updated traffic information with Wireless App-Connect, the Golf R offers various possibilities using modern technology in an uncomplicated way. 

Digital Cockpit

Information right at your sightline

Inside, the Golf R is equipped with a Digital Cockpit that has been especially programmed for the Golf R. Customisable displays can show boost pressure, gearbox temperatures, torque distribution and much more. 

Heads-up Display

See better

The heads-up display projects key information such as the speed or navigation pictograms directly into the driver's primary field of vision. 

Discover Pro Infotainment

Listen to the radio, and much more

The Discover Pro infosystem in the Golf R combines navigation and connectivity with in-car entertainment - all controlled from its easy-to-use 10-inch touchscreen colour display.


Wireless App-Connect

Full connectivity

Wireless App-Connect® allows you to easily display selected Apple/Android smartphone apps on the infotainment touchscreen system using CarPlay™ from Apple and Android Auto™ from Google wirelessly.  

Hello Volkswagen

Your smart assistant

Through the Golf R's voice control you can select between radio stations, scroll through your address book, or change course on your Sat-Nav.  

Smartphone Wireless Charging

Seamless Charging

Volkswagen's wireless charging allows users to charge a compatible Qi-enabled smartphone without the use of an additional cable. 

480W of pure sound

The exclusive Harman Kardon 480W digital sound system features a sophisticated, elegant design, 12-channel digital amplifier and surround sound, delivering seriously impressive acoustics via its 10 high performance speakers.

Exemplary sound Cutting Edge Technology

10 speakers including the subwoofer transforms the sound system into an audio experience that brings to life all the richness, emotion and intensity music can offer. More than just listening to music, you become part of it.

Invitingly sporty yet comfortable

If the exterior excites, the interior more than delivers. Ambient lighting, superb sports seats, beautiful sporty interior trimming, sports steering wheel, the Golf R is sporting yet invitingly comfortable. 

R Sports Seats

Support for the incredible drives

The Golf R sports seats offers supreme comfort and support for all the incredible journeys. The driver's seat is also electrically adjustable. 

Rear view camera

Rear view camera

Our rear view camera lets you spot any obstacles behind your car - even moving ones - quickly and easily, thanks to the camera built into the boot.

3-zone 'Climatronic' with Air Care

Keeping you cool

The 3-zone 'Climatronic' with Air Care keeps pollen, fungal spores and particulates out from entering the car. The air purification system uses an air quality sensor with an active biogenic filter that is more effective than conventional pollen filters. The active biogenic filter also prevents fungal spores and minute allergens from entering the car.

Ambient Lighting Make it your own

The Golf R features 5 modes of ambient lighting, plus an individual mode with 30 colours and adjustable intensity that ensures an impressive and unique feeling of space.

Technology. Combination of superb performance with exemplary efficiency

The modern engine technology in the Golf R is characterised by economy, high torque and power. It is exactly right for you if you like driving and drive a lot, but still want to keep your consumption down.

2.0TSI Turbocharged 320PS | 400Nm

High performance with low fuel consumption

The Golf R's powerplant delivers smooth and punchy 320PS performance for your driving pleasure. 400Nm of torque comes at a low 2,000rpm for optimum and immediate engine response.

4MOTION all-wheel drive system

Instant power at all times

Our all-wheel drive systems work hard to keep you safe, linking with other active safety systems on your Volkswagen to constantly monitor driving conditions. 

7-Speed DSG shift by wire transmission

7-Speed DSG

The fast and efficient 7-speed DSG ensures a super sporting drive on every tap of the accelerator pedal. 

Vehicle Dynamics Manager with DCC

Adapts to your driving style

Do you prefer to drive economically or in a sportier style? With the Vehicle Dynamics Manager, you can adjust the way your car drives to match your personal driving style and the current road and traffic conditions. This, in combination with the DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control), you can setup your Golf R just the way you want it. 


Progressive Steering

Precision driving

Progressive steering checks your speed and adapts the steering for easier, more comfortable and engaging drive that a Golf R truly delivers. 


Excellent fuel consumption

The Golf R with its superior aerodynamic styling and engineering offers excellent combined fuel consumption of 7.8l/100km.


Pure White
Lapiz Blue
Deep Black
Pure White
Lapiz Blue
Deep Black

Pure White

Lapiz Blue

Deep Black


2.0TSI R
2.0TSI R

2.0TSI 320PS | 400Nm


2.0TSI 320PS | 400Nm turbocharged direct injection petrol 4-cylinder engine
4MOTION All Wheel Drive
7-Speed DSG shift by wire transmission
Full LED headlights system with LED daytime running lights
Vehicle Dynamics Manager with DCC
Performance Torque Vectoring
Volkswagen Digital Cockpit
30-colour Ambient Lighting - with 3 levels
10-inch Discover Media navigation infotainment system
Wireless App-Connect® smartphone connectivity
Premium Harman Kardon 480W 10 speaker sound system 
Travel Assist with Adaptive Cruise Control
Side Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Front Assist (AEB)
Emergency Assist
Lane Assist
R Performance Rear Spoiler
R Performance Titanium Rear Exhaust
R Performance 19" Estoril Alloy Wheels
R Performance Special and Drift Mode 


*includes 2 years manufacturer warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with VAP

5 Years Maintenance
5 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty
5 Years Roadside Assistance
5 Years Maintenance
5 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty
5 Years Roadside Assistance

5 Years Maintenance

With VAP - 5 years maintenance or 75,000km (whichever comes first). Service intervals are at every 15,000km

5 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty

With VAP selected, IQ. DRIVE models receives 5 years unlimited mileage warranty.

5 Years Roadside Assistance

Wherever you are, when you need us most, we're only a phone-call away.

For the Love of Golf

Watch what Golf owners and enthusiasts in Malaysia feel about the Golf through the ages, as well as their impressions about its latest iteration.


The Volkswagen
Assurance Package

Enjoy 5 years unlimited mileage warranty and 3 years maintenance for your Volkswagen with IQ.DRIVE

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