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Volkswagen CC Pure dynamism. Style-defining

Discover beauty in real perfection

Design and performance form a perfect symbiosis in the Volkswagen CC. The dynamic, elegant silhouette makes the vehicle a real design classic today. And technologies such as the adaptive chassis control DCC or the dual clutch transmission DSG create the dynamics of a sports car or the comfort of a luxury sedan, as desired.

Sporty and comfortable

As if the Volkswagen CC weren't extraordinary enough: The standard R-Line "Exterior & Interior" equipment package makes it even more individual, even sportier - simply even more fascinating. This is ensured by specially designed design elements on the outside and an interior that has been refined in form and function.


Radio and Navigation

It's nice to be able to choose the copilot yourself

In your Volkswagen, you determine what's going on. The standard "Composition Media" radio is at your side: with suitable speakers, easy-to-use technology and many connection options. Or you can use the optional "Discover Media" navigation function, which hardly leaves anything to be desired in terms of multimedia. Enjoy it when the company depends entirely on you.

Volkswagen CC: Car-Net "Guide & Inform"

Don't drive without internet anymore

The Internet can be useful in many areas of life - including in the car. For example, keep an eye on traffic with the latest data. In this way, you can plan or change your route in advance. The optional online services Car-Net Guide & Inform offer even more. At Volkswagen, Internet in the car is called Car-Net. Behind this are services, practical services and helpful apps.

The Car-Net "Guide & Inform" service package ¹ is available to you in conjunction with the "Discover Media" navigation function. By connecting to the Internet, you can use data that is hard to beat as being up-to-date. If z. If, for example, a traffic jam forms or dissolves somewhere, you can find out about it online in real time. Particularly convenient: your route is automatically adjusted accordingly. Let Car-Net look for refreshments and discover numerous attractive restaurants with an online POI search. You can also quickly find other points of interest that are of interest to you. Whether it's a hotel, a petrol station or a newly opened cinema: the data, which is constantly updated on the Internet, provides many exciting and useful discoveries.

DYNAUDIO Confidence

You won't believe your ears

The wonderful sound of the optional DYNAUDIO Confidence sound system will silence and enjoy your passengers. Because thanks to the precise coordination of the 10 loudspeakers, you will experience high-end sound perfection in the entire interior. Dynaudio is one of the most successful manufacturers of high-end loudspeakers.

Musicians, sound engineers and sound perfectionists have trusted the Danish brand since 1977. They appreciate the natural sound reproduction, which makes it possible to hear the music close to the original - just as it was recorded. The DYNAUDIO Confidence sound system, which is available on request and precisely tailored to the interior, with 10 speakers and a total output of 600 watts, ensures a fantastic sound experience.

A digital 10-channel amplifier can control the sound in such a way that an optimal sound stage is created at every seat. Thanks to four different sound profiles, you can choose whether you want to hear particularly quietly or understand what is being said, for example.

ACC & Front Assist If the streets are full, stay calm

Do you sometimes want an assistant to keep an eye on the traffic ahead? With the optional ACC automatic distance control and the "Front Assist" environment monitoring system, including the city emergency braking function, included in the package, you are more relaxed on the road.

Park Assist "Park Assist" Just leave the parking to your car

Even if you are one of the few who maneuver into the tightest of spaces with great serenity in front of an audience, the optional "Park Assist" park steering assistant will still inspire you. Because the system not only recognizes suitable parking spaces, it also steers for you.

Assistance systems


Side Assist including Lane Assist

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Stay in lane and keep track of things.

With a timely warning of vehicles in the side and rear area of ​​your Volkswagen CC, you can better assess driving situations and minimize risks. In conjunction with Lane Assist, Side Assist can not only give a visual warning, but also counter-steer.

The optionally available Side Assist supports you when you want to change lanes: LEDs in the exterior mirrors inform you, within the limits of the system, about vehicles that are approaching your Volkswagen CC from behind and could make a lane change dangerous. In combination with Lane Assist, you are also supported with gentle counter-steering. The "Side Assist" lane departure warning system works from a speed of 30 km / h.

Within the limits of the system, Lane Assist helps prevent accidents caused by unintentional leaving the lane. Lane markings are recorded by a camera in the area of ​​the interior mirror. If the car now deviates from its lane, Lane Assist warns you with a slight counter-steer.

Fatigue ­ detection

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So that tiredness doesn't catch up with you.

It never gets tired of keeping you awake: the standard drowsiness detection. It evaluates your driving behavior and recommends a break if the steering behavior deviates from that of a concentrated driving style.
You can be more relaxed on the road if you keep a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front. The ACC automatic distance control, which is available on request, will help you. ACC measures the distance and speed of vehicles in front. A sensor detects an area in front of the vehicle. In columns and traffic jams, the system brakes the Volkswagen in conjunction with the optional DSG dual clutch transmission to a standstill. The system can keep your vehicle within its limits at a speed of up to 210 km / h from the vehicle in front.

Sometimes something unexpected happens that requires emergency braking. In such cases, the "Front Assist" environment monitoring system, including the city emergency braking function, which is included in the scope of delivery, can be helpful. If a critical collision situation is detected within the framework of the system limits, Front Assist warns the driver acoustically and visually and prepares a possible emergency braking. If the precarious situation is not defused, the system automatically initiates the braking process, which may reduce the impact speed. Front Assist also supports the driver during the actual braking and ensures that the maximum braking force is used if necessary.

The city emergency braking function is a system extension of the Front Assist. At a speed of 5 to 30 km / h it can respond with an emergency braking at the last moment before a rear-end collision.

You cannot always correctly assess your driving ability yourself. Imagine the following situation: During a long journey on a straight, monotonous route, you slowly get tired. You keep the steering wheel rigid and only steer abruptly. The drowsiness detection can register this typical driving behavior within the limits of the system, compare it with the time of day and the duration of the journey and react quickly. An acoustic signal sounds and a message in the multifunction display advises you to take a break. The drowsiness detection encourages you in the truest sense of the word to continue rested after a rest.

Reversing camera "Rear View"

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Because you don't have eyes behind

The optional "Rear View" camera enables you to see obstacles behind the vehicle. A camera integrated in the rear of the vehicle sends you images on the screen of the infotainment system. This makes maneuvering a lot easier and enables you to see obstacles better.

The optional "Rear View" camera makes it easier for you to keep an overview when reversing within the limits of the system: the area behind the vehicle covered by the camera is shown on the display of your infotainment system. This enables you to recognize obstacles that might otherwise have remained hidden from you. Rear View also shows guide lines in the display to help you assess the distance correctly.

Additional lanes that are displayed mark the direction in which your Volkswagen would drive with the current steering wheel position.

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