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Customer satisfaction and service quality

The Volkswagen repair and maintenance service is designed to provide the customer with complete peace of mind.

5-Star Service Check

Thanks to our comprehensive services, you can hit the road with peace of mind.

In the 5-Star Service Check, we'll take you through a vehicle check and you decide what needs to be done.


Live and transparent

We will carry out a visual check of your Volkswagen together with you

Fast and with no additional cost

The check will be done in 5 minutes

For your safety

We will advise and inform you on the estimated costs. You will decide what has to be done for your Volkswagen

We will check the following with you:

  • Body and paint condition
  • Lighting
  • Brakes
  • Windscreen and windows
  • Wheel and tyres

Service Cam

Highly flexible. Highly convenient

More time for everything else.
While your Volkswagen is at its service appointment, you'll be given a digital update for your vehicle during the service. You'll receive a video via email or text message that shows you exactly what repairs are needed. There's no need to call the workshop and you can conveniently accept or refuse the repairs with just a few clicks.

Service Cam is a transparent and most convenient option to support your decision.
Wherever you are and whatever you do, our service advisor can use a video to inform you about the technical condition of your vehicle and suggest the most appropriate solution.

You can decide at your convenience.
In today's digital era, most of our customers stay permanently online and you are used to communicating through your smartphone throughout the day. You may not always have enough time for a personal dialogue during 5 Star Service Check; you may even consider a vehicle check to be a time-consuming and tiring chore. You want to be kept updated and stay informed about your vehicle. You prefer that your workshop visit requires minimum effort and is as transparent as possible.

Your advantages


You no longer need to be present at any car inspection in the workshop and it's no longer necessary to contact them by phone: rather, you can be at any given location and decide digitally what other repairs should be carried out.


Videos provide a free-of-charge insight into the vehicle's current condition and repair recommendations, as well as the associated costs.

Increased Safety

If any part of your Volkswagen requires repair, you will be informed immediately - and you can give the approval for the repair straight away.

Check out how Volkswagen Service Cam works

1. Open the link

When you hand over your car to the service centre, you can choose how you want to be reached - whether via text message or e-mail. The service advisor will send you needed information along with video sequences via the agreed communication channel.

2. Watch the video

Once you receive a link, you can view videos from the comfort of your home, café or office. Repair requirements are clearly explained and documented and your service advisor has added price information.

3. Select repair items

You can view the videos at your convenience and decide which items are to be repaired at once and which are to be left for later.

4. Send an order

Send the confirmed order back to the service advisor. At the same time, no further explanations and providing consent over the phone are needed. 

The advantages of the Volkswagen Authorised Service Centre

With us you get everything you need:


  • First-class service quality carried out by highly trained specialists - including friendly advice.
  • Experienced technicians and the latest technical equipment.
  • Volkswagen Genuine parts and accessories for your safety.
  • Fast service that saves time. 
  • Roadside assistance (1800 88 2389) for help around the clock throughout Malaysia.
  • See for yourself! Our service advisors will be happy to take care of your concerns.

Service is due?

Intervals and scope of the inspection

Depending on the vehicle equipment and operating conditions, the inspection of your Volkswagen is an important aspect for your car. Whether you have a Polo, Golf, Passat, Tiguan or another Volkswagen - all safety-relevant aspects of your car will be tested and serviced by workshop professionals. Find your nearest authorised service centre and our Service Advisor will assist you with your queries.

When is it time for the next service?

Our services for your Volkswagen are divided into services for the first 3 years and thereafter. But they have one thing in common: They will help keep your car running smoothly.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Annual Service is available for the first 3 years.
1st Annual Service - at 15,000 km or when your car is 12 months old.*
2nd Annual Service - at 30,000 km or when your car is 24 months old.*
3rd Annual Service - at 45,000 km or when your car is 36 months old.*


*Whichever comes first.    

Volkswagen Oil Service

A short stop for a long engine life.

Extend the life of your engine - with Volkswagen Oil Service. Your advantages: We change engine oil, filters and seals with our know-how as a manufacturer. And we only use engine oils and parts that were specially developed for your Volkswagen.

Watch and learn more

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