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Starts from RM169,990 The all-new, all-digital Golf R-Line


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The **#SUVW** that is larger than life The new Tiguan Allspace Life


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The all-new Golf R-Line

From RM 169,990.00 RM1,749/month

The all-new Golf GTI

From RM 225,990.00 RM2,324/month

The all-new Golf R

From RM 389,990.00 RM4,011/month

The new Tiguan Allspace Life

From RM 172,990.00 RM1,779/month

The new Tiguan Allspace Elegance

From RM 188,990.00 RM1,944/month

The new Tiguan Allspace R-Line

From RM 235,990.00 RM2,427/month

The Passat Elegance

From RM 187,990.00 RM1,934/month

The Arteon R-Line 4MOTION

From RM 276,990.00 RM2,849/month

Stock delivery update

The volatility of current global affairs has far-reaching consequences, amongst which it is causing logistical and supply chain challenges, as well as shortages of semiconductors and electrical parts. Regrettably, these issues, together with overwhelming local demands are causing a longer delivery period on selected models.

The satisfaction and mobility of our customers are always our top priority. As we are working closely with our stakeholders to minimise the impact as much as possible we seek the understanding and patience from our customers in the meantime.

For more details on their delivery status, we advise our customers to speak to their respective dealership.

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