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For fresh, clean air in your Volkswagen.

Air con check

We check the function of the air conditioner system, the outlet temperature, the pressure in the refrigerant circuit, the blower air throughput, the water box drains for continuity and the water box for contamination.

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Air con cleaning

The cause of poor air quality in the vehicle interior is often the core of the air conditioner system - the evaporator. Over time, moisture and dirt particles form an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Air conditioner cleaning removes dirt, bacteria and unpleasant smells so that you can breathe freely again.

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~ Intensive and effective cleaning of the evaporator for the air con unit

~ Minimising concentrations of pollen that trigger allergies and asthma

~ Removing unpleasant odors

~ Eliminating and preventing malfunctioning of the air con unit

Product advantages

~ Efficient removal of dust and pollutants

The filter of a properly operating air con unit captures over 99% of the roughly 3,000 grains of pollen contained in a cubic milimeter of air.

~ Optimum health protection

A cleaned air con unit also filters out harmful particles. This protects drivers from diseases and prevents irritation of breathing passages.

~ Maintaining excellent visibility

Reducing fogged windows enhances driver safety. Optimum blower output ensures that moisture is quickly dissipated.


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