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Beware of fakes stay original

You chose your Volkswagen because of its quality, reliability and safety, so why would you compromise this with anything other than Volkswagen Genuine Parts®?

Deceptively real

An estimated 5-7 % of all products being traded worldwide are fakes. With such a high number and the now deceptively genuine imitations around, it is almost impossible for a normal consumer to notice the differences.

Many things are counterfeited and go unnoticed 

The range of counterfeit car parts and service fluids is vast. Counterfeits or fake parts can appear in the form of wear parts, such as engine oil or filters, and accident-relevant parts, such as front headlights, the radiator grill or bumpers. 

Safety risks can arise above all from reprocessed airbags or damaged brake discs and pads. This requires the greatest level of caution - it could be a matter of life or death! Danger on four wheels A single counterfeit part installed or used in your vehicle can mean that you are no longer safe in road traffic. In such cases, not only are you risking your own health and safety, but also that of other road users - it could be a matter of life and death!

And if expert knowledge of safety-relevant parts comes into play, a wrong decision can become a life-threatening danger. Stay on the safe side and use Volkswagen Genuine Parts for your vehicle - at your Volkswagen Partner.

Body and paint

Glass, light and visibility

Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts are the building blocks of your vehicle, protecting both you and other passengers against environmental influences and in the event of an accident. To make sure your Volkswagen looks as good as new, our genuine paint will give it a brand-new shine.

With our Volkswagen Genuine Parts, we make sure you have a great view. When out on the road, to see and be seen is vital. With Volkswagen Genuine Glass, Wiper Blades and Lights, you'll see everything clearly.

Volkswagen Accessories

Highest quality, optimal accuracy of fit and uncompromising safety - our Genuine Accessories are characterized by all these properties. Since they fit precisely, installation times are reduced to a minimum and your Volkswagen stays Original.

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