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Volkswagen Genuine Parts® Engine

The engine is the heart of your vehicle

Genuine timing belts and spark plugs - so your Volkswagen runs more smoothly

Engines want a timing belt that is made of solid material. It can transfer forces for longer and is flexible enough to adjust itself and keep tension at a constant. What about spark plugs? We ensure that they ignite reliably; that they ensure optimal combustion and don't overheat, thereby guaranteeing smooth engine operation and lower consumption. We have compiled the advantages of our genuine engine for you.

Genuine Engine

Avoid damages to the engine caused by material mixes with third-party products and use only tried-and-tested quality. Whether it’s spark plugs, a timing belt, lubricant or coolant additive – engines and gearboxes are always happy to receive Genuine Parts.

Your advantages:

The timing belt is resistant and dimensionally stable
Thanks to glass and synthetic fibres, and abrasion-resistant coating. Even at extreme temperatures and up to 360,000 km.

The spark plugs ensure more comfort and less consumption
Thanks to very smooth running and precise placement of the spark in the combustion chamber.

The perfect fit
Our original parts have been specially developed for the engine of your Volkswagen .

What is the function of a timing belt?

The timing belt transmits the power of the crankshaft to the camshaft. This opens and closes the engine valves. The fuel-air mixture enters the combustion chamber, burns and drives the pistons. The timing belt often also drives the water pump.

Why change regularly for inspection and in good time?

An old or heavily worn timing belt can tear and cause engine damage. The reason: the valve control of the engine gets out of step, the piston hits the valve like a bullet - often at 15 m / s. Most of the time the whole cylinder head has to be replaced

When is it time to change the timing belt?

Depending on the model, engine and operating conditions, either fixed change intervals or test intervals according to the manufacturer are used. Fixed change intervals are mostly kilometer-dependent and can range from 60,000 km to 210,000 km. Timing belts in petrol engines are very often subject to a test interval, the technician determines during the inspection whether a replacement is necessary or not. Your Volkswagen partner knows what applies to your Volkswagen.

Tip: It is best to have your new used vehicle checked immediately.

Change it yourself?

An incorrectly installed timing belt damages the engine. At the same time, the exchange is complicated and time-consuming. The toothed and guide wheels must be perfectly aligned and the timing belt tensioned correctly. The water pump, tensioning and deflection rollers should be replaced at the same time. In addition to a lot of specialist knowledge, you need special tools. So it's best to let your Volkswagen partner make the change.

Your Volkswagen spark plugs

Do you still have some unanswered questions about spark plugs? No problem, you'll find the right answer here.

How long do spark plugs last?

Depending on the type and the quality, spark plugs last for between 30,000 and 90,000 km. Stick to the inspection interval schedule. That way, you'll know as soon as your spark plugs are no longer in good working order. And you'll avoid any subsequent costs

How can the service life of spark plugs be extended?

You can extend your spark plugs' service life by maintaining the right oil level and with the correct driving style. If the oil level is too high, they become oily; If you drive a lot of short distances, they become sooty. The reason: The engine doesn't reach the temperature that the spark plugs need to clean themselves.

Why should spark plugs be changed?

Spark plugs are exposed to high pressure, vibrations and temperatures of up to 3,000 °C. Even just a few spark failures can damage the catalytic converter.

Change it yourself?

Even if it looks easy to change: The smallest mistake can lead to considerable engine damage. But why? Every engine needs a different spark plug: The wrong one will damage the engine as much as the wrong tool or the wrong torque applied during assembly. Don't take the risk.

For a quieter and less stressful journey

Volkswagen Genuine Silencers

You can never have enough peace and quiet, that's why our silencers are particularly efficient when it comes to absorbing exhaust noise - they're 2 dB quieter than the legal requirement. 

Volkswagen Genuine Silencers

Thanks to high-quality materials and efficient protection against rust, the silencers have an especially long service life. And they are also corrosion and heat-resistant.

Your advantages:

A quiet result
Absorb driving noise more effectively than is legally required.

Longer service life
Thanks to durable materials such as stainless steel and a moisture-controlling structure.

**Optimise your engine performance and consumption:
Thanks to low flow resistance and exhaust back-pressure.

How do I know if the silencer is defective?

Is your Volkswagen unusually loud? Is anything clattering? Do you hear any rattling sounds or a loud humming? Have your silencer checked on a regular basis - e.g. during the 5 Star Service Check or the inspection at your Volkswagen Partner.

Why should I have it changed?

A defective silencer is harmful and dangerous: An increase in noise is stressful for animals, your concentration level suffers and you can't hear warning signals properly. Any exhaust gases that are released in an uncontrolled manner may damage components close to the silencer and parts that become detached pose a risk to other road users.

Change it yourself?

It's better not to. The reason: Its suspension has to be both firm and flexible. This will keep it safely in place and enable it to absorb any vibrations. If it's incorrectly installed, vibrations may occur. In the worst-case scenario, these may damage the exhaust system and the underbody of the vehicle.

More coverage on Genuine Parts

We now offer you more savings and peace of mind through our Volkswagen Cares Repair Packages. Rest assured that 100% genuine parts are used, and repair works are carried out by experienced Volkswagen technicians in accordance to global standards with approved Volkswagen tools.

The Repair Packages are available for :

1. Front and rear absorbers

2. Front and rear brake pads and discs 

3. Front and rear wheel bearing

4. Timing belt

5. Clutch

6. Oil seal and gasket replacement

Not only are the main parts changed, but other relevant component parts such as nuts and bolts are replaced to ensure better performance and safety.

Other benefits include a 2-year warranty (subject to Volkswagen warranty terms & conditions).

Download the Volkswagen Cares mobile app now to receive your Care Repair Package e-voucher. Simply present the e-voucher to redeem at your next visit to a Volkswagen authorised service centre.

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