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Volkswagen Genuine Parts® Shock Absorber

Volkswagen Genuine Shock Absorbers

Teamwork for more comfort and security.

Our genuine shock absorbers are optimally matched to your Volkswagen, its chassis and its assistance systems. They ensure a smooth and safe journey and help you to stay on track - in tight bends, when braking hard and also when you are heavily loaded and on the road with the whole family.

Safe: Decrease the impact of vibrations and support the function of assistance systems (e.g. electronic stabilisation programme or ABS).

Resilient: Top performance at high speeds and with large loads e.g. a heavy trailer or lots of luggage.

Cost saving: Protect vehicle body and vehicle components from high levels of wear

When is it time for a check?

Have your shock absorbers regularly checked by a visual inspection from approx. 60,000 km mileage, e.g. when changing wheels. So you have optimal traction all year round. 

How are defects noticeable?

Keeping an eye on your shock absorbers is not easy.

They usually hide well behind your tires. In addition, they gradually wear out - they adapt their driving style and may not even notice that the driving behavior of your Volkswagen is becoming more vague in curves, the braking distance longer and much more. This makes their wear particularly dangerous. Have your shock absorbers checked regularly - preferably at your Volkswagen partner.

Are defective shock absorbers unsafe?

Defective shock absorbers compensate shocks poorly and stabilize less.

Your tires do not have optimal traction. The result: your braking distance is longer, the steering is unsafe and the driving behavior less stable - especially in curves. As a result, security systems intervene earlier. This is noticeable to you due to less good driving dynamics.

Not rattled by anything

Shock absorbers quickly counterbalance any vibrations that may occur as a result of bumps, potholes or crosswinds etc. For a safe and peaceful journey.

Intact shock absorbers. Shorter braking distance

Your shock absorbers work together with your brakes and wheels to make sure that you're safe when you hit the road. If they're working correctly, you'll come to a halt a full 6m earlier when driving at approx. 50 mph (80 km/h).

More coverage on Genuine Parts

We now offer you more savings and peace of mind through our Volkswagen Cares Repair Packages. Rest assured that 100% genuine parts are used, and repair works are carried out by experienced Volkswagen technicians in accordance to global standards with approved Volkswagen tools.

The Repair Packages are available for :

1. Front and rear absorbers

2. Front and rear brake pads and discs 

3. Front and rear wheel bearing

4. Timing belt

5. Clutch

6. Oil seal and gasket replacement

Not only are the main parts changed, but other relevant component parts such as nuts and bolts are replaced to ensure better performance and safety.

Other benefits include a 2-year warranty (subject to Volkswagen warranty terms & conditions).

Download the Volkswagen Cares mobile app now to receive your Care Repair Package e-voucher. Simply present the e-voucher to redeem at your next visit to a Volkswagen authorised service centre.

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