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Dealer operation details

Find out which Volkswagen dealerships are already in operation
Branch Showroom Service Centre
Volkswagen Glenmarie Open Open
Volkswagen Sri Hartamas Open Open
Volkswagen Gombak Open Open
Volkswagen Puchong Open Open
Volkswagen Sg Besi Open Open
Volkswagen Seremban Open Open
Volkswagen Melaka Open Open
Volkswagen Batu Pahat Open Open
Volkswagen Skudai Open Open
Volkswagen Tebrau Open Open
Volkswagen Ipoh Open Open
Volkswagen Juru Open Open
Volkswagen Alor Setar Open Open
Volkswagen Sg Petani Closed Open
Volkswagen Kuantan Open Open
Volkswagen Kota Bharu Open Open
Volkswagen Kuching NA Open
Volkswagen Kota Kinabalu Open Open


How to check for Parts price?

Please call our Volkswagen authorised service centre for information.

Additionally, you can find relevant parts prices for your service maintenance here.

Find your dealer here or through our VW Cares App.

What is the contact number for 24-hour Roadside Assistance?

The contact number are:

From Peninsular Malaysia : 1-800-88-2389 

From Singapore/Thailand : +603 2161 0327

What is VIP?

VIP is our comprehensive car insurance, designed specifically for Volkswagen drivers. Tailor-made to enhance the ownership experience, VIP offers comprehensive coverage, with minimal hassle.

Find out more here or visit any of our Volkswagen authorised dealers.

How can I book for my car next service?

You can make the booking online here or through our VW Cares App.

Additionally, you can call your preferred Volkswagen authorised service centre.

How do I obtain the car service history?

Please call our Volkswagen authorised service centre. Find your dealer here or through our VW Cares App.

What is the cause for the long waiting time for Parts?

We always try our best to ensure that most Parts are available. However, certain parts are required to be ordered and brought in from Germany that will result to the longer waiting time.

Where can I service my car if the service centre I frequent has closed down?

We are sorry for the inconvenienced. You can refer here for the list of other Volkswagen authorised service centre.


Do warranty repairs have to be completed at the dealership where the car was originally purchased?

No, they do not. Repairs under your warranty may be completed at any Authorised Volkswagen service centre.

I would like to add an aftermarket accessory or part to my vehicle. Will this impact my warranty?

Volkswagen does not warrant these products and is not responsible for their performance, repair, or replacement, or for any damage they may cause to, or adverse effect they may have on, your vehicle.

If my vehicle requires a warranty repair, will Volkswagen provide me a Courtesy Car?

For information about courtesy car availability, please contact your Authorized Volkswagen service centre.

My Volkswagen is still under warranty and in need of repairs. The closest dealer is not conveniently located. What should I do?

All warranty-related repairs must be completed at your local Volkswagen dealership. If you are having difficulty getting to your nearest dealership, please contact Volkswagen Customer CARE between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Are the warranties on my vehicle transferrable to a subsequent owner?

You bet. Volkswagen warranties are automatically transferred without cost if the ownership of the vehicle changes while warranties are valid.


Why does my vehicle consume oil?

All internal combustion engines use some oil to provide effective lubrication and cooling for their internal parts. Oil consumption varies from engine to engine and may change over the life of the engine. Engines tend to use more oil during the break-in period than they do afterward when oil consumption stabilizes. If you're experiencing oil consumption that is out of the ordinary, please visit your Authorized Volkswagen service centre.

How do I deactivate the anti-theft system in my Volkswagen once the alarm is triggered?

As long as you unlock the vehicle with the unlock button on the remote control vehicle key, or switch on the ignition with a valid vehicle key, it should help deactivate the anti-theft alarm.

For more information about the anti-theft system, check out the "Opening and Closing" section of your Owner's Manual.

I have a warning light on. What does it mean?

We've drawn it all out for you. A list of warning and indicator lights can be found in your Owner's Manual in the "Instrument Cluster and Instrument Panel" section.

Is the DSG an automatic transmission?

Well, the DSG is not an automatic transmission in the true sense (though it makes no difference in look and feel); it is a manual transmission that shifts automatically.

What does the "S" on the transmission selector lever mean?

Looking for a little more performance in your day? The "S" stands for "Sport" mode, which will change the way the transmission shifts up or down. In essence, it will shift the transmission in a more sporty way. This means when accelerating, the next higher gear will be selected later allowing the engine's rpms to go higher before shifting. When decelerating, the transmission will shift earlier in a lower gear, again keeping the rpms higher and the whole driving experience sportier. Now, we should mention that when the vehicle is in Sport mode, it does use more fuel.

What is DCC® ?

We're all about the handling. DCC® adaptive chassis control is an adaptive damping system available in some models. It is an adjustable system that automatically adapts to continually changing driving situations to take braking, steering, and accelerating factors into account.

Why is the Touareg battery located under the seat?

The battery placement was simply a design decision based on the available space in the engine compartment.

Does VW vehicles have reserve fuel tanks?

Sorry, there is no separate reserve tank. When there is fuel for around 60km (depending on your driving style) left in the tank, the refuel warning indicator will come up.

Can I permanently shut off the Start-Stop feature in my vehicle?

Under certain conditions, this feature (which may also be referred to as Auto Stop) comes on automatically when your vehicle's ignition is switched on and cannot be permanently deactivated. However, you can manually switch the Start-Stop feature on and off by pressing the button. It will re-engage every time you shut off the engine and start your vehicle again. Please refer to your Owner's Manual  for details.


How often do I need to change the engine oil in my vehicle?

We recommend changing the oil and filter in Volkswagen vehicles every 12 months or 15,000km, whichever occurs first. Always reference your Owner's Manual for service intervals and schedule maintenance information.

How often do I need to change the timing belt on my vehicle?

The answer depends on what you're driving. Since it can be different for every vehicle, it is best to refer to your Owner's Manual * for service intervals and schedule maintenance information for changing the timing belt.

*Online Owner's Manual available for 2012 model years and newer.


How should I clean the touchscreen panel in my vehicle?

Fingerprints. We don't like them either. The best way to clean the touchscreen surface of your vehicle's radio would be using an anti-static cleaning cloth. Just make sure that you switch off the radio before your do, so you don't change your favorite station by accident.

What type of oil should I use in my Volkswagen?

Good question! It is important that the engine oil used in your vehicle conforms to our specifications. To find out what engine oil specification is recommended for your vehicle, please see your Owner's Manual.

What us the recommend maintenance interval for the fuel filter?

Timing is everything when it comes to scheduled maintenance. The recommended interval for the fuel filter can be found in the maintenance booklet of your Owner's Manual under the "Service schedule" section.

Safety and Driver Assistance

What is Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) and how does it work?

In conjunction with the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR), and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL), as well as additional sensors, Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) helps the driver maintain their intended course by generating corrective forces.

What causes an airbag to deploy?

In certain types of vehicle collisions, pressure sensors and crash sensors detect and rapidly trigger the deployment of corresponding front airbags, side airbags, head curtain airbags, or some combination of the above. Airbags inflate very suddenly to help ensure complete inflation before contacting occupants.

Remember that airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age.


Will a side or rear impact or rollover cause the airbag to deploy?

Your safety is important to us. Here are some details on how our airbag system works. First of all, the system is designed to only deploy the airbags facing the direction of the collision. The front airbags only deploy in a frontal collision if there is sufficient force and the angle of impact falls within the 60-degree span of the centerline of the vehicle. Side airbags are mounted in the seats and move with the occupants to help optimize protection. A side airbag will deploy in response to a signal from a crash sensor or a pressure sensor. An impact on one side of the vehicle may not deploy the side airbag on the opposite side. Side Curtain Protection® airbags drop down from the roofline above the door frames to help protect front and rear occupants from intrusion, splintering glass, and side window ejection. They also help provide increased protection in some types of rollover accidents or secondary impacts.

Remember that airbags are supplemental restraints only and will not deploy under all crash circumstances. Always use safety belts and seat children only in the rear, using restraint systems appropriate for their size and age.

What does an AFS error message mean?

Allow us to enlighten you. The Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) available in some of our vehicles may trigger an error message to alert the driver about a possible malfunction with the system.

What does brake assist do?

Brake assist is a feature that detects when the accelerator pedal is released quickly and the brakes are depressed suddenly with force-both of which indicate an emergency braking situation. In this situation, the brake system will apply extra braking power.

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