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Volkswagen Genuine Parts® Filters

Our filters protect you against dirt, harmful subtances and contaminants

Guarantee safety and well-being

Hot and cold weather or at high air speeds: The filters in your Volkswagen have to be able to filter harmful substances and dirt, even under the most challenging conditions.



Genuine Air Con Filters

The air that flows through the ventilation channels into the vehicle while you are driving contains approximately 5 times the amount of exhaust gases, pollutants and allergy triggers than the air at the roadside. Volkswagen Genuine Air Con Filters protect you against the negative impacts of polluted air inside your Volkswagen. They absorb a number of pollutants and allergens, whilst simultaneously efficiently protecting the air conditioner system against pollution.

Your benefits

  • Fresh air:
    Protects against (fine) dust, soot, allergens, aerosols and ozone (depending on model).
  • Clean air conditioner system:
    Preserves the air conditioning system. Prevents the build-up of bacterial contaminations - the cause of unpleasant odours.
  • Safety:
    Optimal ventilation with full blower capacity, windscreen is less fogged-up, allowing for an excellent view. Increase in concentration thanks to conversion of ozone into oxygen.
  • Filter options:

    Particulate Filter  (Good) - Genuine standard dust filter

    Charcoal Filter  (Better) - Genuine filter with active carbon layer

    Allergen Filter (Best) - Contains an additional substance that envelops and neutralize allergens

Why Volkswagen Genuine Air Con Filters - Watch to know more

Air Filter

Nothing gets past them: Volkswagen Genuine Air Filters fit perfectly in your Volkswagen's air filter housing and are coordinated precisely to match the displacement and output of your engine. They capture dirt particles in the air that is sucked in before they can reach the combustion chamber, where they would combine with oil to create a sandpaper effect. They also absorb the suction noise of the engine, ensuring that less noise reaches you in the vehicle.

Your benefits

  • Pure:
    Reliably filters even the finest dirt particles.
  • Permanently anti-inflammatory:
    Thanks to impregnation and full functional capacity, even when subject to high levels of pollution and moisture - throughout the entire service life..
  • Quieter:
    Absorbs the suction noises of your Volkswagen.

Increasing engine power with decreasing fuel consumption

Genuine Oil Filter

Oil filters clean circulating engine oil of dust, metal abrasion, oil carbon and soot particles so that only cleaned oil reaches lubrication and bearing points. This prevents wear and ensures a long engine life. The Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter maintains both the oil quality and the performance and economy of your engine.

Your benefits

  • Firm seat:
    Also with temperature and pressure fluctuations.
  • No leakage:
    Filter and oil channels do not leak into the oil pan.
  • Particularly robust:
    Designed for start/stop vehicles.
  • Immediately ready for use:
    Immediate oil pressure and lubrication at engine start-up.
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