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Is your car involved in a Service Action?


At Volkswagen, your safety is our priority, and we're committed to keeping you informed about any applicable service campaigns that may include your vehicle.

We are here to help. Please enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) below to know if your Volkswagen is affected.

FAQ Voluntary Recall Campaign 35E5

Which vehicles are affected by the fault/damage?

For Malaysia, affected models are; Polo 6R, Scirocco, Golf Mk6, Golf Mk7, Beetle, Cross Touran, Jetta, Passat B7 and Passat CC which produced between 2011 - 2015.

Where can I check to see my car if affected?

The nationwide campaign will be executed in phases in order to manage the number of cases, and notification to identified owners will be conducted by mail with immediate effect.

Alternatively, owners are encouraged to visit the Volkswagen website to check if their vehicle is involved in the recall or call Volkswagen customer care at 1800-18-8947 for further information.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, an appointment should be made promptly. However, do note that there might be a waiting period involved for the owner to schedule the appointment.

Where can I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made on the Volkswagen website, via the VW Cares mobile app, and by calling your respective dealers.

How long is the waiting time for me to get an appointment?

The waiting period to get an appointment will depend on the dealer capacity, and our dealers will do our best to accommodate your vehicle.

How long will the inspection and repair take?

The inspection and repair of the vehicle may take up to six hours.

Will I have to pay for this?

All costs will be borne by Volkswagen.

Which fault/damage do the affected vehicles have?

Over time a leak in the pressure accumulator can occur.

What repercussions will the damage have on my vehicle? What can happen?

In individual cases, the failure of a component can lead to pressure loss in the hydraulic part of the gearbox, interrupting the power transmission between the engine and the gearbox.

What is the cause of the fault?

A production fault as part of the mechanical treatment leads to the reduced strength of a component within the hydraulic system.

What precisely does the repair involve?

The pressure accumulator is checked and if necessary, the faulty components are replaced.

Can I use my vehicle till it is checked/repaired?

Yes, the vehicle can be used till the check is performed.

Can the driver recognize the fault?

Yes, a drop of the pressure in the gearbox hydraulics is indicated to the customer by a warning lamp in the dash panel.

My warranty has expired, am I still eligible to get my parts replaced?

Yes, your vehicle is still considered as part of this recall.

Once my parts has been replaced, what is the warranty period for it?

The replaced parts will be entitled to a 2-year parts warranty.

My car had this issue previously and I have paid to resolve it. Do I get compensated as this is a official recall ?

No VPCM will not compensate. Your car pressure accumulator will be checked and repaired to the latest level.

Are there enough spare parts available for this recall?

Yes, the parts are available. However, you need to make an appointment for the inspection and replacement (if necessary).

What if it takes more than one day, will I be given a courtesy car?

We cannot guarantee a courtesy car at the moment, please check with you respective dealer.

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