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Most Malaysians have a Volkswagen story.

There is something about this German 'people's' brand that resonates with most of us. In fact, I will bet my bottom dollar that someone you know is, one way or another, connected to Volkswagen.

Their stories are more often than not, tied to the classics … usually a childhood spent in the back seat of the dad's/uncle's/friend's father's classic Beetle is bound to leave one completely lovestruck with the love bug. And with adulthood, you were finally able to pack up the family to live out your hippie dreams in a classic Kombi (only ten million were ever produced!) and head off into the sunset.

My love story with Volkswagen started with my sister's first generation new Beetle in the late 90s. A completely different animal from the classic, there was no mistaking the high bubble roof and iconic shape. It was quite the looker, very smooth on the road, and was a lot of fun to drive. And in true, free-loving hippie spirit, Volkswagen even threw in a little flower vase. Attached to the dashboard, it was an homage to the original bud vase of the classic Beetle - and we loved how quirky it made the car.

Once bitten, it became a love that lasts a lifetime.


It is said that a Volkswagen is better experienced than explained. How else can you describe the reason for that devilish grin when you're behind the wheel of a Golf GTI? Or the spontaneous giggle bursting out when you're driving the Beetle - or the feeling of security one gets in a Tiguan - because you know everything is take care of. And the confidence booster that is the Passat?

This is the common bond - this connection ties complete strangers with the same passion.

Volksphere was conceptualized with that very thought in mind. Here, you will discover specially-curated content about Volkswagen - from news and trivia, to exclusive features from guest writers. This is also the platform for you to share your love for the brand. Tell us tales, and feed us fables about you and your Volkswagen … even about the ones that got away. And be sure to keep coming back and catch up with us here at Volksphere.

If you have something to say, we invite you to write in to us at Share your passion with us, we're all ears.


Yani Fadzil.

Editor, Volksphere


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