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4MOTION explained

Discover Volkswagen's all-wheel drive system 

All-wheel aid for your vehicle

The 4MOTION systems go beyond a 'one size fits all' approach to all-wheel drive, employing a combination of hardware and software configurations unique to each vehicle and typical purpose.

Volkswagen's 4MOTION range includes three different AWD set-ups, depending on the vehicle - the Torque-sensing 'Torsen'-type setup found in the Touareg, the Torsen-type setup with transfer case in the Amarok, and the All Wheel Drive Gen 5 setup (previously Haldex) found in the Golf R, Tiguan Allspace R-Line and the soon-to-be launched Arteon R-Line 4MOTION.

What is 4MOTION?

4MOTION is Volkswagen's unique suit of all-wheel-drive systems, which you'll find within the brand's range of commercial and passenger vehicles.

What are the benefits of 4MOTION?

Both the electro-hydraulic and the more in-depth mechanical versions of 4MOTION utilise a wide range of vehicle systems to help attain a maximum level of traction. This includes the use of systems like:

  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

  • Electronic stability control system

  • Traction control system

  • Vehicle sensor systems

The Volkswagen 4MOTION system uses sensors to detect road conditions, driving behaviour, and any wheel slippage. If there are any abnormalities, the system automatically adjusts the amount of power sent to whichever wheel that needs it, giving the driver as much traction as possible.

The other benefit of the 4MOTION system is it is "on-demand", rather than permanent nature, meaning that power is sent to the required wheel or wheels in a split second and as required, to ensure maximum grip and stability, while reducing fuel usage.

This all happens automatically, and in a split-second - all the driver needs to do, is relax and enjoy the drive.


Watch how the Volkswagen 4MOTION system works below:

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