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Before leaving the Pekan plant, every Volkswagen model built there is subjected to a stringent final quality assurance check. We take you through the final steps.

While a car is truly appreciated it its final, completed form, there is beauty in seeing it being put together. When production happens and the wheels are (literally) set in motion, each vital piece of bolt, chip and panel finds its place in the puzzle within the body frame, going through the processes until the finished product is presented ready at the CP8 gate of the factory.

Each step is meticulously monitored, the most important part happens right before the car is driven out of the factory. Here, we give you an insight into the quality check done by our dedicated colleagues at the Pekan plan, to give the car their seal of approval.

  1. Universal Testing System. This is where the electronic testing and commissioning of the control units in the vehicle integration happens, including flash programming and coding of control units.

  2. Wheel Alignment. The vehicle's suspension is adjusted by aligning the angle of toe, thrust and camber.

  3. Headlight Test. To aim and adjust the headlights to the test bench by calibrating it to the vehicle parameters such as body weight and ROI of the wheels.

  4. Roller Test Bench. Functional test of the drive train and ABS/ESP Sensors and Brake testing and simulation the driving cycle.

  5. Test Drive. Done to test the vehicle performance on different road surfaces and also highway. Brake functional test on the emergency braking and on the ramp is also conducted here.

  6. Rain Chamber. To simulate rain-resistant performance of vehicles and to test vehicle rain impermeability

  7. Visual Inspection. Static exterior and Interior inspection of the vehicle, evaluation on the fitments, functional testing like radio display, seat adjustment etc. and quality buy-off. Nothing escapes the eye.

  8. Matching Numbers. To verify the Vehicle Identification Number and the Engine Number on the documents against the vehicle.

  9. Final Release. A final release in the system to change the vehicle mode from Production Mode to Transport Mode.

  10. Registration Document. Final documentation to clear the car as road-ready.

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