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Photograph your Volkswagen like a pro

Who better to show you how to take photos of your Volkswagen than the automotive scene's master photographer? Aaron Lee shares his five top tricks on how to showcase your ride in the best light, featuring the Arteon R-Line 4MOTION.

1. Pick your timing

Timing in the day matters, and don't be afraid to experiment in the early morning or late evening as it will make for interesting lighting for car shoots. This actually is when the sunlight is more directional, rather than the typical midday sun setting which could make the lighting rather flat.


Make use of shadows and flares to give the photo some extra kick.

2. It's all in the details

While we usually focus more on shooting the car as a whole, don't forget to focus on some detail shots whenever the opportunity arises. In the age of digital photography, you can always experiment and take as many angles as you like. Personally I believe there is no right or wrong in photography, instead it is more like "This is a good shot" and "Wow, this is an amazing shot!"

3. Shoot from different heights

You'll be amazed by how doing something as simple as shooting from knee height can have such a great impact on the perspective.

4. Location, location, location

Try to find background that is interesting as often as possible. A simple way to start is by choosing a clean background such as a clean white wall, and from there you can introduce more elements into the background, such a building or a nice landscape.

5. Use panning shot to convey speed and motion

Cars are meant to be driven. As much as we love to view the car that is still, a car in motion is always more dynamic.


You can start by standing by the side of the road and let the car pass you by. Start with a shutter speed of 1/125, and slow the shutter down more as you start to get the hang of it. This might take a few practice runs to get right but you'll be surprised at how easy it is after!

Bonus tip: The directions of the wheels matters

Be aware of the positioning of the wheels - the wheel should be straight or the rim at an angle that is facing towards you. Not everyone is interested in how the tyre thread looks like - and doing this makes a BIG difference with the end result!


Right: Professional photographer Aaron Lee

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