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5 things Aftersales

We give you five things to remember about Volkswagen's #SafeHands service

1.      You can book your service appointment anywhere

Even when you're suspended in mid-air while rock climbing. Really. It's all about convenience, convenience and convenience with our Online Service Booking. All this (and more) is part of Volkswagen's #SafeHands initiative, which not only offers you flexibility, but also ensures that your aftersales needs are attended to, contactless and from a distance. Get yourself to the Volkswagen website, key in the required details to book, and you're all set!

2. Your Volkswagen can get to the service centre on its own, without you

Well, technically, someone will drive it over to the dealership, but it doesn't have to be you. Simply choose to have your vehicle picked for its service by a Volkswagen representative from wherever you are. And once the service is done, head over to the service centre to pick your vehicle, or have it sent back to you. Easy-peasy.

3. It's 5 stars all the way with the Service Check

Absolutely complimentary and important for all Volkswagen cars going into a service appointment, the 5 Star Service Check is a comprehensive visual check on Volkswagen vehicles - very much like a health check. Conducted by a service advisor, the detailed check via video recording will cover areas of your vehicle including the body and paint condition, lighting, brakes, windscreen and windows, and wheels and tyres. Just sit back and watch from your phone.

4. Service Cam to keep you connected, and in the know

So your car is getting its service, but there could be some extras that need tweaking. In the case of any additional repair work needed, your service advisor will send over a video link detailing the bits and pieces that needs reviewing, and an e-quotation for you to be able to make an informed decision to proceed, so there are no surprises. And when your Volkswagen is all sorted, any further explanation on the final invoice and the vehicle handover will also be conducted using the Service Cam. Seal the deal via electronic payment, and you're done.

5. Finally, sanitisation is free and part of the deal

Hygiene and sanitisation is now an essential part of daily precautionary measures for us, and after spending the day at the service centre, you'll sleep peacefully knowing that your Volkswagen went through not one, but two rounds of sanitisation before coming back home to you. It is first done after pick-up, and again before drop-off


Why all this for you? The answer is simple - because we care. And you can consider this an additional sixth point to remember!

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