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The interesting job of planning which Volkswagen models to bring into the country falls on the shoulders of Mohamed Aslam, our Head of Central Planning, Product & Logistics. Together with his team, Aslam works on bringing the latest products and features into the market while ensuring sufficient inventories are in place - and he takes it all in stride. "When it comes to my career in Volkswagen, it is the product and the people that gives me the most joy. To successfully launch a new model and deliver good service to our customers, is something I am really grateful of."

Here, our product guy talks the finer details of his life. 

What led you here to Volkswagen?

I had fond memories of my uncle's Beetle as a kid, it was a unique car. Over the years, I also always had an eye on the Karmann Ghia and admired the Golf GTI for its performance. In 2006, I was headhunted for a job, and the company name was not mentioned till the end of the interview (neither did I ask). The rest I would say, are part of the good memories of my working life so far together with the team, our dealers and the cars.


What attracts you the most about the Volkswagen brand?

The cars and the amount of detail put into its safety, driving experience and performance.

How would you describe your attitude towards work?

That each day is a new race; to have fun and smile while you're at it; and to share the good principle of the organisation, which is "We Not Me". 


Tell us three things that fascinates you about cars?

The automotive industry is at a key turning point where the concept of mobility is evolving. Advancements in autonomous technology, industrial revolution 4.0, vehicle connectivity, intelligence and electrification are among a few to name. I am glad to be a part of these changes as they are happening. To shortlist three, I would say the driver assistance systems, electrification and vehicle connectivity (online services).

"Always utilise knowledge earned to increase productivity and efficiency of oneself and others around you."


Best kind of holiday with your family? On an island where we could have the sea, river and hills for a complete experience.


What three items would you bring on a road trip? First Aid Kit, water bottle and a Swiss Army multitool pocketknife.  


Favourite TV show? The Grand Tour


If you could meet any historical figure, who would they be? Tun Abdul Razak. Our Bapa Pembangunan or the 'Father of Development' of Malaysia initiated key infrastructures and economical programs we are benefiting till today. Tun's long term vision for us is admirable, thus though imaginary, it's would be nice to be able to meet and show gratitude to such a historical figure.


What book or movie have you recently read/seen would you recommend? I recently saw a Tamil-language movie, Soorarai Pottru. It was very inspirational.


What is the most useful invention of all time? Navigation applications.


If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be? Probably a teacher.


Are you an early bird or a night owl? Both, the need for sleep reduces as we grow ?.


If you could pick just one Volkswagen to drive, which would it be? The Karmann Ghia.


Which to you, is the most exciting Volkswagen model ever produced? The Golf GTI, it is such an icon.

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