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Inspired by his father, VPCM's Director of Aftersales Deenan Nadar has made it his life mission to offer the best support to Volkswagen owners, as he counts his blessings to be working with a brand that is closest to his heart. We go beyond service, spare parts and maintenance to get to know the real inspiration behind ASMAN, the Volkswagen aftersales man.

Can you share a little bit about your Volkswagen journey? How did you get here?

My dad worked in aftersales for a Volkswagen dealer, so my passion for it really began many years ago.

I started my career with Volkswagen 30 years ago as an apprentice motor mechanic, then completed my engineering qualification and finally a post-graduate qualification in Business Management. The Volkswagen Group has qualified me to lead people and organisations, which has got me to where I am now.


What interests you most about aftersales?

Aftersales is an everchanging environment and one must quickly adapt to stay in the lead. The job is never dull, and I thoroughly enjoy every moment.

Where do you envision Volkswagen aftersales to be five years from now?

Well let's look at where we came from, and what we have achieved over the past five years. We have increased our customer satisfaction by 80%, and our repeat repair has decreased. The technical topics that have had a lot of attention have also been resolved. So, with this in mind we continue to focus on our customers to provide them with the best service experience possible. 

You are a proud South African, what do you miss most about home?

I think as a country, South Africa is one with breath-taking beauty that is unrivalled, and I miss this. Volkswagen is also extremely successful there, leading the automotive landscape - basically every third car you see on the road there is a Volkswagen. Last, but certainly not least is my family, as my parents and siblings are back home.


Left: The Tiguan Allspace at home in South Africa

Let's go through some fun questions:


SUV or sedan? SUV.

If you could pick just one Volkswagen to drive, which would it be? The Tiguan R. Part of the R performance family, this is the ultimate SUV in my books.

Your next travel destination in Malaysia once interstate borders open? Genting Highlands.

If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be? An aeronautical engineer or pilot.

Three things that your dream car (that doesn't exist yet) would have? The ability to fly, camouflage and be fully autonomous.

The most precious thing in your life? Living according to God's plan and purpose, my wife and two daughters.

What food will you NEVER turn down? Biltong, a South African air-dried meat. It's a delicacy there.

Tell us something we don't know? I enjoy watching crime investigation series on Netflix.

Pop music or rock music? Pop music.

Tea or coffee? Tea, for sure!

Text message or call? Call. It is more personal and I prefer that kind of connection.

Summer or winter? Summer and winter, why choose?

Comedy or drama? Comedy. Laughter is always the best medicine.


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