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Dealer Spotlight: MHV Autohaus

As one of the top Volkswagen dealerships in Malaysia, MHV Autohaus has maintained a standard of excellence by consistently winning Best Volkswagen Dealer year after year. This is no mean feat. MHV's Dealer Principle, Annie Lim talks us through the secrets of their success.

Tell us a little bit about MHV's history

Volkswagen was the first automotive brand selected into the business of automotive dealership by Ming Heng Group of Companies. We established our Volkswagen 3S Centre at Jalan Gombak in 2012 and upgraded to 4S Centre in 2017.

Throughout our tenure we have strived to include the best possible customer service with top-notch of high-quality repair and maintenance work which has leads MHV to become the best Volkswagen Dealer with four years consecutive awards in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.


MHV has consistently been awarded Best Volkswagen Dealer. How did you achieve this?

We feel enormously privileged to be recognised for four years as the Best Volkswagen Dealership. The awards are a testament of what MHV has achieved through hard work and dedication.

One of the keys to our success is our people working together with the goals of being the best player in the market, conduct ourselves in an honest and professional manner serving the needs of our customers. It has been a wonderful achievement we have strengthened by leaps and bounds together - but I believe the best is yet to come.

We make customer satisfaction the top priority in our organisation, and we aim to be the preferred Volkswagen authorised dealer.


What is your vision for MHV for the next five years?

Volkswagen has established itself as a reputable brand in Malaysia. Yes, there are ups and downs in this kind of business today, we intend to attract and attain customers with high valued products and services to offer the most satisfying ownership experience. Our vision is to be the most successful and respected Volkswagen dealership in Malaysia.

With the current automotive landscape shifting to more digital initiatives, how has MHV kept up with the times?

Digitalisation has become a savior for all type of busineses - especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have adapted and reorganised our marketing strategy towards digital and mobile advertising to gain exposure with our products and services. We present our business through websites and social media platforms where the customer can easily access information about the products and services they require to purchase.


What is your strategy in targeting new customers? How do you make yourself present and heard?

Our excellent service track record speaks by itself. We are grateful to all our existing customers who have shared their good ownership experience, and we believe the voices of our customers attracts and generates the interest of new customers.

As mentioned before, we focus on strengthening our digital strategy which include digital advertising, marketing and social media presence in order to drive our sales.

"Staff morale is important to us, and we are constantly motivating and ensuring a safe working environment for them. We must be more creative and adapt to new business trends to increase our overall business opportunities and strengthen the level of our customer service."


Left: The MHV team (photo taken before the Covid-19 epidemic)




How have you merged your sales and aftersales services through social media? 

Our digital transformation began many years ago, we promote our brands and services through the internet and social media platforms effectively. Our initiative consists of conducting FB live sessions on a weekly basis by our Sales personnel to promote Volkswagen products and features, and with ongoing promotional campaign. As for aftersales, we conduct Volkswagen 101 educational programs on a quarterly basis. This owner's training sessions is where our aftersales team will provide product knowledge and service tips to new owners.


Tell us about the steps you have taken to enhance the ownership experience of your customers, and how do you stay close to existing owners in a time where "keeping away" is the new normal?

We always go the extra mile to satisfy our customers. On a sales perspective, we provide test drives to customer at their preferred test drive location, and when it comes to car delivery, we strive make the delivery process memorable for our customers. On top of that, our Sales personnel will update and keep in contact with customers to share our latest promotions and campaigns. We also make sure to follow-up on their maintenance service.

For aftersales, we have upgraded our customer lounge and parking facilities, as well as our service reception for customer comfort and convenience. Furthermore, we make sure to listen and focus on customer feedback - always putting ourselves in the customer's shoes to solve customer-specific problem and challenges. We offer in-house promotions with attractive discounts, free car wash and vehicle sanitising. We also launched our loyalty program by providing MHV privilege cards to all our loyal customers to enjoy more benefits.


What exciting updates can we expect from MHV in the near future?

We will continuously provide excellent customer service for our customers and we aim to retain the Best Volkswagen Dealer title for the fifth year. We believe Volkswagen will be more competitive with other brands and become a strong contender in the non-national car segment in Malaysia.

With our strong, passionate and professional team - together with our digital marketing strategy and reliable aftersales support I believe we will achieve our goals.

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