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114 proofs of love

A Vienna chimney sweep owns what would seem to be the largest collection of Golf cars

Who says that love cannot be expressed in numbers? In our case the number is 114. The Austrian Josef Juza loves the Golf and that is why he owns exactly 114 of them. Although this should be seen as merely a temporary figure. The extent of his love is still defined in growth, even if this growth is not as dynamic as it used to be. The Golf collector has stopped actively searching, but sometimes items are still offered to him that he simply cannot refuse.

114 Golf! That is about the same as a good-sized supermarket car park full of Golfs all belonging to the same fan.

Josef Juza could organise a big regional Golf meeting every evening without having to invite a single person. And there's more: there is probably nowhere else in the world outside of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg with a similar high number of Golf rarities as can be found in this simple industrial hall near Vienna.

As with most passions, this one was harmless at the beginning. The first Golf was followed by a second, then a third. Only then it just went on. And on. And on. Until it reached today's number of 114.

Josef Juza on starting his Golf collection, the "Golf Pack": "When I sat in a Golf for the first time I just had the feeling that this car had been built for me alone. The seat position, driving fun, everyday usability, it was all exactly as I like it."

The chimney sweep went about his daily work in a Caddy, in the summer he used a Cabrio, in the winter a Country, a GTI for driving fun and a normal Golf for the family. So far, so logical. "My basic point was: the right Golf for every occasion. Then at an Oldtimer exhibition I fell in love with a model from the first series with drum brakes at the front and dovetail rear apron.

This early model was the first "unnecessary" Golf and, as such, can be seen as the official start of the collection. This was back in the mid-Nineties, and once Josef Juza had found this passion then temptation was to be found nearly everywhere. "I only had to have a quick look in the Internet and I soon found another great vehicle that cost practically nothing. The transport was often more expensive than the price of the vehicle."

The beauty of everyday things
There may be some people who apply the same level of emotional attachment to a car as they would to a kitchen appliance. The Golf is clearly a logical choice for these people. The car can, however, also be a wonderful projection for passions and individuality. In this context, the Golf, with its clear message and unpretentious appearance, is a perfect canvas for personal expression. The power of this spirit can be seen impressively at the GTI meeting at Wörthersee every year.

Josef Juza understands both approaches and has chosen Golfs as examples of all perspectives. Alongside the rare vehicle highlights, Golfs can be found in his collection for racing, Golfs for living, Golfs for luxury, but also others which were used to collect rubbish during their active working life. And then there are the countless special models!

Best of 114

A vehicle from pre-series production: Supplier company Lunke & Sohn fitted a sliding door on the driver side and it was shown at a large number of motor shows as of 1974.
G60 Limited: Hand-built 71 times in the Motor Sport department. With 210 PS and Syncro-4WD, it was in price and performance more than just an equal to the rockets being built in this time by the premium manufacturers.

Rally Golf: Homologation model for motor sport based on the Golf II. Built 5,000 times.

CitySTROMer I: In cooperation with energy provider RWE, a small series of approx. 25 vehicles was built in 1981. This model is seen as one of the first electric vehicles that can be used for everyday applications.

Eco-Golf: Based on the Golf II, 11 test vehicles were built which were used to test future-oriented technologies such as Start-Stop and engine switch-off at idling speed.

Two of three gangway vehicles for Bremen airport.

GTI-focus with early and late first generation models, second generation GTI 16V, Oettinger GTI I with 150 PS, Nordstadt GTI I, which was equipped for a sheikh by the top-level tuner from Hanover with luxury leather and a C-network car telephone.

The museum of real life
The "Golf Pack" is, in one point, considerably different from other collections. The vehicles have been left in their natural state and thus make an honest impression, which can certainly also be attributed to the fact that Josef Juza works on his own. 114 vehicles without a team of mechanics and auxiliary personnel is definitely an organisational challenge.

But exactly this point, which would normally seem to be an issue, lends the "Golf Pack" its charm. The best example is the "Million" Golf: this model which, with its verifiable one million kilometres on the clock, corresponds visually, in feel and in smell exactly with what you would expect of a vehicle with this kind of performance. It is therefore a wonderful example of contemporary history.

When Josef Juza lent the "million Golf" for an exhibition he said: "I will be really cross if you clean the car!".

With regard to contemporary history: interesting vehicles with special tuning are also in the exhibition, as this collection sees itself as being in touch with the fans.

"Today, some people say Tupperware Golf when referring to the typically broad vehicles built in the Eighties. These are all mementoes for me of a certain time. Back then you were the king of the disco with a Golf like this."

The vision for the future of the Golf Pack is clear: Josef Juza wants to be the director in his own Golf museum. The plan is for this loose collection to soon become an exhibition open to the general public. A plan for the position of the vehicles has already been drafted and additional space has also been made available. The doors are scheduled to be opened next spring. More information:

The last question for Josef Juza: If he could only keep five cars which ones would he choose?

"I think I would close down the entire collection. I would prefer to do without al of them than have to choose just a few". That's true love, don't you think?



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