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Volkswagen Genuine Silencers Less stress, more peace and quiet.

Volkswagen Genuine Silencers Defective silencer? Enjoy peace and quiet with Volkswagen Genuine Parts. Simply silence: Your Volkswagen Genuine Silencer reduces the noise produced by the combustion cycle to a level that's actually lower than the legal requirement. Find out here how it works and what you can do to make sure it stays that way as long as possible.

Your benefits Product information.

Your benefits

Your benefits

A quiet result
Absorb driving noise more effectively than is legally required.
Longer service life
Thanks to durable materials such as stainless steel and a moisture-controlling structure.
Optimise your engine performance and consumption

Thanks to low flow resistance and exhaust back-pressure.

Product information.

Product information.

There are some things you just can't have enough of. Peace and quiet, for example. That's why Volkswagen Genuine Silencers are particularly efficient when it comes to absorbing exhaust noise - they're 2 decibels quieter than the legal requirement. Thanks to high-quality materials such as stainless steel and efficient protection against rust, they have an especially long service life - despite extreme fluctuations in temperature, engine oscillations, road salt and other environmental factors - allowing you to fully concentrate on the journey ahead. Not only that, you'll also generate less noise pollution.

Bringing you more than just peace & quiet. Psst – even if it's main job is to keep the noise level down: As part of the exhaust system, your Volkswagen's silencer has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

Less noise.

Exhaust gases leave the combustion chamber with a pretty loud bang. The silencer reduces this noise.

A clean machine.

Unfiltered exhaust gases shouldn't find their way into the surrounding environment or your car. The exhaust system cleans them according to the legal requirements and the silencer drains them off.

Optimal engine performance.

Nowadays, exhaust systems are so precisely coordinated to the engine and the vehicle that they drain off exhaust gases as effectively as possible, without limiting engine performance.

Problems with the exhaust system. Take your foot off the gas. Carefully drive to the nearest specialist. Have the engine checked.

What you should know about your silencer. Why you shouldn't experiment with your silencer and what you can do to ensure a long service life. Here are the 3 most important facts.

Greater distances. Longer service life.

When driving short distances, the exhaust system stays cool. Water and sulphuric acids in the combustion gases condense and form an aggressive mixture. It attacks the silencer from the inside and causes corrosion.

Noise can be pricey.

Is a tampered or worn-out silencer making your car too loud? You're not only damaging the environment, but you're also risking a fine.

Optimal functioning thanks to tailor-made parts.

The exhaust system is perfectly tuned to your Volkswagen and its engine. Replace the worn or damaged components with Volkswagen Genuine Parts® that are coordinated to your system.

How do I know if the silencer is defective?

Do the hearing test: Is your Volkswagen unusually loud? Is anything clattering? Do you hear any rattling sounds or a loud humming? But don't stop there - play it safe and have your silencer checked on a regular basis, e.g. during a vehicle check at your Volkswagen Partner.

Why should I have it changed?

A defective silencer is harmful and dangerous - for you, for the environment and for others. An increase in noise is stressful for both animals and people, your concentration level suffers and you can't hear warning signals properly.
If exhaust gases simply leave the vehicle unchecked, they can also damage any parts found near the silencer. Parts that have fallen off a vehicle also pose a huge risk to other road users.

Change it yourself?

It's much better to have an expert change your silencer. Reason: Its suspension has to be both firm and flexible. This will keep it safely in place and enable it to absorb any vibrations. If it's incorrectly installed, vibrations may occur. In the worst-case scenario, these may damage the exhaust system and the underbody of the vehicle.