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30.11.2020 Volkswagen Cares mobile app hits 30k subscribers

Two years after its launch, the Volkswagen Cares mobile app has reached the milestone achievement of 30,000 downloads and members. The app, launched by Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM), is part of the Volkswagen Cares aftersales initiative committed to providing the best for owners in the country.

A completely local initiative, the Volkswagen Cares app was developed and is managed locally for the Malaysian market. The app saw growth in 2019 with a total download of 16,498 members, and 46% growth in 2020 with 9,483 new members to achieve 30,000 as of 30th November 2020.

Erik Winter, Managing Director of VPCM is pleased with the support received towards the Volkswagen Cares app. "The app was created to make our services more accessible to our customers, and further improve their overall ownership experience. The convenience of accessing the Volkswagen world via mobile app is offered in different Volkswagen markets around the world, and what we are also delighted to note is that our app has seen an unparalleled take-up rate compared to other markets managed by the Porsche Holdings Group."

"This success will only spur us to continue improving to engage and serve our customers better, and in fact, we are already looking into revamping and further enhancing the app's features and offerings by next year," he added.

The Volkswagen Cares app is an essential tool for owners as aftersales offers such as the free 3-year service vouchers and service package vouchers are linked and accessible exclusively via the app. Those with vehicles five years and older under the Volkswagen Care Plus (VCP) programme may also view and access their benefits through the app. Other features available on the app include the latest sales and aftersales offerings, rewards, educational videos, event updates, and 24-hour roadside assistance - all at the touch of a button.

Non-Volkswagen owners are also invited to download the mobile app to access sales offers, video content, and receive sales and event updates via push notifications.

The Volkswagen Cares mobile app is available on both IOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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