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Deep Sanitisation Service


Protect your Volkswagen from germs, bacteria and viruses with the best car sanitisation service

Why use the sanitisation service

Vehicle interiors hold millions of particles and pathogen agents carried by the air, people and animals. Fabric and seats absorb the bad smells, while stitching and child seats attract bacteria and allergens.

Volkswagen sanitisation service is a great way to keep the surface of your interior clean. Car sanitisation aims to kill the microscopic organisms in your car. The process will cover your car's interior and eliminate more than 99.9% of harmful viruses, germs and bacteria.

Why Volkswagen Sanitisation package - Watch to know more

Sanitisation package pricing

Package Hatchback Sedan Large Sedan/SUV Large SUV/MPV
Sanitisation service price RM80.00 RM100.00 RM120.00 RM150.00
*Charcoal air con filter (after 10% discount) - optional RM125.91 RM125.91 RM120.78 RM120.78
Total package price RM205.91 RM225.91 RM240.78 RM270.78
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