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Highschool Teacher wins the “Win the Icon” Contest


After a two-month search, the "Win the Icon" contest came to an end where Muhamad Rizal bin Sadiman, a 28-year-old high school teacher from Perak is the winner of a brand-new Volkswagen Beetle 1.2TSI.

The contest which ran from 1st October till 30th November saw over 800 posts and submissions of photos and videos of Malaysians test driving their favourite Volkswagen models while documenting their experience. Participants were to caption their submissions creatively with the hashtag #BetterExperiencedThanExplained.

Rizal submitted a video of him test driving the Polo and Tiguan and says "A Volkswagen is truly better experienced than explained. Safety is a top priority for me as I was involved in an accident two years ago where the brakes failed. In my submission video, I showcased how the Tiguan performs during emergency braking and I am very impressed. The Polo is another favourite as we had one in the family and it is a sturdy pocket rocket. I am so thrilled and excited with this win. I can't wait to drive my new Beetle around town and to school." To watch Rizal's winning submission, click here.

Cult object and design icon, the award-winning Beetle has captured the hearts and minds of the people in its 80 years of production. Sadly, after three generations, Volkswagen has ceased production of the Beetle in July this year. This makes Rizal of one the lucky few to own a Beetle before they are all gone.