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Fierce, noble, strong and glorious … seven different Volkswagens with seven different traits. 

Who will claim the throne?

Night Beetle

The right to rule: The first of its kind, the Bug is full of wonder - and signaled the rise of the Germans. A legendary drive known far and wide, this is a ride unlike any other.

Noble traits: Cool under any pressure, the Beetle invades one's heart with ease - and there is no cause to choose between performance and economy, as the Bug gladly offers one both with its 1.2TSI beating heart.  

Master of the ride: A true Beetle owner won't wait out the storm. He is the storm.


The right to rule: A noble car that has a one-of a kind claim to throne with its gorgeous styling and raw speed. It will be your champion.

Noble traits: Skilled in battle and unrelenting in combat, exude authority and power over your vassals with the GTI's dashing looks and 350Nm of bite.

Master of the ride: This king of the hot hatch is a love song for the one true prince that will last an eternity. Only the brave and strong may come forward.


The right to rule: Cool, stylish and a sworn ally to the King of the North.

Noble traits: The kind winds bring maximum driving comfort in the Passat, be it in the 2.0TSI or the 1.8TSI. Coupled with advanced technology characterised by economy, high torque and power, it is enough to make other road goers … bend the knee.

Master of the ride: The Passat is known for its honourable devotion to duty, and serves a master who appreciates its regal elegance and fine stance.


The right to rule: The Hatchback that lives for the world, the Polo blends amazing handling with seamless acceleration, and leaves you wanting more until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

Noble traits: Tough on the outside, and even tougher on the inside. Only the Polo offers an experience you will need to earn before taking it for a spin.

Master of the ride: Nomadic in nature, the Polo is perfect for those consumed by wanderlust and thirsting for adventure.


The right to rule: No other car can charm you more with its good looks, smart moves, high performance and low fuel consumption.

Noble traits: Pure gold in the driveway and on the roads. With its cunning tricks (read USPs), more power than ever from the 1.4TSI engine, it's going to roar all the way home. 

Master of the ride: Such a glorious ride deserves only those willing to be bewitched by its mystique.


The right to rule: The first of its name, the Queen across the sea of comfort, the mother of TSI dragons and the rightful heir to the throne.

Noble traits: Beating at the heart of every Tiguan - is its TSI dragon to help one conquer any road. Asserting its dominance over its foes is an easy task, for its superior driving characteristics, advanced assistance and comfort systems are constant companions to this Queen.

Master of the ride: One who knows her destiny and takes no prisoners to claim it, the Tiguan owner is of fire and steel, for she is the protector of the realm.


The right to rule: Born from the land of sea and salt, the Vento's amazing fuel consumption coupled with head-turning design makes your next voyage, one to behold.

Noble traits: Where the Pas-starks have their handling and the R-linnester its speed, the Venjoy has its strength in numbers. This cult hero gives it all with its 1.2TSI engine that unleashes the highest torque in its class, and a 7-speed DSG that gives you all the thrills you could ask for.

Master of the ride: The true Ironborn, the Vento rider takes no prisoners.

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