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Volkswagen Heroes A look at our special editions through the years.

Volkswagen's special models have been popular since 1972

1978: Volkswagen makes the Polo wear the trousers

Volkswagen carried the idea of attractive special models over to the Polo. Volkswagen allowed the smart Polo to wear the trousers for young people with limited funds but plenty of flair for fashion: the special Jeans Polo model of 1976 was limited to 9,000 vehicles and was available to order in August and September of that year. This was followed by a second edition of the 'car for fun, casual and smart people' in 1978. With special colours used for the paintwork, jeans material on the seats, studs for decor and snap fastener pockets on the front seats, this really took the target group by storm. 

A real treat: the Pirelli GTI

From May to October 1983, Volkswagen offered a model which is still quite a treat, and of which a few rare examples are still visible on the road today, the Golf I GTI Pirelli. It combined the nimbus GTI with 1.8-litre displacement, 112 hp and contemporary décor: Bumpers and wing mirrors in the same colour as the vehicle paintwork, specially designed Pirelli aluminium rims and a limited choice of colours. Only around 10,500 cars were built. 

The turn of the millennium sees the arrival of the Super Beetle

Volkswagen's special models idea was then catapulted into a whole new dimension in 2000 with the arrival of the dynamic New Beetle RSI: 225 hp from six cylinders, four-wheel drive, 3.2-litre displacement, a lowered chassis, an impressive body kit in the colour of the car, and a striking rear wing, the special Beetle RSI model clearly shared automotive genes with its racing sibling, the Cup Beetle. The interior was dominated by Tropic Orange leather, anthracite-coloured Alcantara, and carbon. A sporty ignition button and bucket seats came as standard. Only 250 vehicles were built. 

More recent special models

This is just a small selection of the special models that Volkswagen has been creating for fans and customers for the past 45 years. Additionally, there have been various GTI editions more recently, such as a new version of the Pirelli GTI (2008), the Golf GTI adidas (2010), the Beetle Wave special model (2015) and the Denim (2016), and so on. Additional features and exclusive design offered on especially attractive terms - this is a philosophy that has stood the test of time across all different series.