Adaptive LED Headlights


Shine a bright light on the path ahead, with our powerful LED headlights, and maintain better visibility at all times of the day with Daytime Running Lights. 

An LED (light-emitting diode) is a light-emitting semi-conductor which has a much longer service life and uses less power than conventional bulbs. The advantages of LED technology over conventional bulbs are their lower energy consumption, faster response time, more compact design and a longer service life. Along with LED headlights, we install LEDs in the rear lights as well as in the turn indicators in the exterior mirror housings. Thanks to their fast response time, other road users see light-emitting diodes more quickly. If a driver sees the brake lights of the car ahead sooner, this can help to reduce his stopping distance by around 5.5 metres at a speed of 100 kph. The high functional reliability and service life of LEDs increase safety thanks to the fact that rear lights and brake lights are less likely to fail.

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