VW Polo: 6 Speed Automatic 


In automatic transmission there is no clutch pedal or gear lever. Once you select Drive mode, the system engages drive and gear selection to deliver torque to the wheels. A fluid coupling or torque converter is usually used to allow for stopping and reversing. The automatic transmission automatically adapts to your driving style - from leisurely cruising to sporty performance - and also takes road conditions into account. It not only reduces strain on the engine and transmission in stop-start traffic, but on the driver as well, helping you to concentrate on the traffic and the road conditions. The 'keylock' and 'shiftlock' functions provide extra safety. 'Keylock' stops the ignition key from being removed unless the transmission selector lever is in the Park (P) position. After the engine is started, the selector lever can only be moved out of positions P or Neutral (N) when the driver presses the brake pedal (shiftlock). This prevents any unintended movement of your car.

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The Polo Small but tough.