The right Volkswagen tyre & rim size for your Tiguan.

1. Tyre width in millimetres
The tyres on your Tiguan are between 215 mm and 255 mm wide.

2. Height-width ratio
The height-width ratio of 5N tyres is between 40% and 65%.

3. Tyre and rim diameter in inches
Tiguan 5N tyres and rims have a diameter of 16 inches to 19 inches.

4. Rim width in inches
The rims of most Tiguan models are between 6.5 inches and 9 inches wide.

5. Rim offset (ET in German)
The rim offset on a Tiguan is between 30 mm and 43 mm.

6. Number of screws
The number of screws with which the rims are fixed to the wheel flange is different on every vehicle. Your Tiguan has 5.

And where can you find this information on the tyres or rims? Check out our pages on tyre and rim knowledge to find out. Do you also want to know which wheel/tyre combinations are approved for your Tiguan? Then the rim knowledge page is right place for you!

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