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Polo 5.

A whole host of Polo 5: a total of 23 6R (2009-2014) & 6C (2014-2017) models.

Innovation is the name of the game for the 5th Generation Polo - and that doesn't just apply to 1 model: with the Type 6R from 2009 to 2014 and the 6C from 2014 to 2017. And of course, a range of exclusive special edition models. Dive into the colourful world of the Polo V.

Small car, huge choice – the 6R, 6C & special edition models. No matter what is written on the running gear or tail of your Polo: TDI, TSI, GTI, DSG or R-Line – a single name unites them all: Polo V. Marvel at the plethora of equipment options and special edition models.

Polo 5 GTI

In 6.7 - with 141 - from 0 to 100: these are its vital stats, in seconds, kW and km/h. Our Polo V that could have you hooked.

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Polo 5 BlueMotion

A fuel range of up to 600 miles (1,000 km) - thanks to future-oriented elements such as the start-stop system and brake energy recovery.

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Polo Beats

For the soundtrack of your life: thanks to a subwoofer and 8-channel amplifiers, every journey in this Polo becomes an incredible sound experience. 

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Polo 5 Trendline

Practical and trendy at the same time: with the Trendline, your journey will always be relaxed and stylish. Hop in!

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Polo 5 Comfortline

Height-adjustable front seats, ergonomic controls: have a great trip!

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Polo 5 Highline

Various stunning and practical extras - that's what the Highline is all about. The winter package, for example, has heated front seats ready and waiting for you.

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Polo Match

This model is in it to win it - with exclusive equipment, attractive extras and a sporty design. A winner right across the board!

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Polo Match BiFuel

A conscious decision - for a special edition model and environmentally friendly fuel: the 2 come together in this Polo.

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Polo Allstar

Not just for football fans: the most highly trained special edition model for the 2016 UEFA European Championship - and beyond!

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Polo Sound

Your personal sound booth: this Polo captivates with both its acoustics and appearance - such as the chrome-rimmed fog lights.

Polo R WRC

Almost too fast to be true: a rally champion that feels right at home on the road - our Polo R WRC Street.

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A true daredevil: the CrossPolo is just as happy zipping through the city as it is going on adventures outside of it - with you at the wheel.

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CrossPolo Urban White

A real head-turner. Elegant design meets an off-road look - get ready for the white tiger of the Polo family.

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Polo Style

Simply good taste: the Style delivers a dazzling performance both inside and out - and you will too!

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Polo Style BiFuel

A little ambivalent - but that's OK! With 2 drive concepts, not only will you cut a stylish figure out on the road, you'll produce fewer emissions too.

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Polo Lounge

The gleaming black painted radiator grille or the "Lounge" lettering give it away: here comes a VIP that's welcome at every party.

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Polo Original

Hey Honey! The Polo is turning 40 and giving us a special treat: as a special edition model e.g. with exclusive honey-coloured paintwork.

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Polo BlueGT

Lowered running gear, bumpers in the vehicle colour, GT lettering: this Polo is sure to raise your pulse - even just by looking at it.

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Polo Team

Our special edition model to celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa: kitted out with plenty of sporting and team spirit. Come play!

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Polo 5 Silver Edition

Sophisticated brilliant silver dominates the design of this model - and promises a spectacular array of extras. Rightly so!

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Polo 5 Black Edition

The Polo shows us a different side of its personality - with such elegance and power, we're happy to go to the "Dark Side".

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Polo Life

Tinted windows, ParkPilot and speed monitor: sit back, relax and enjoy the special edition model life.

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Polo 5 BiFuel

Double the endurance: thanks to the additional LPG system, you can drive your Polo longer for less.

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Highlights. The variety of the Polo V models and equipment options alone makes it a truly special car. Discover the design highlights, the best bits of the engine systems and the top technical features of the entire model series.


The radiator grille with chrome strip immediately reflects the sporty elegance of the Polo. With their dynamic contours, the halogen or LED headlights on the 6C emphasise its sporty nature; the 6R features halogen or bi-xenon headlights. The striking tail light cluster puts the tail centre stage - with integrated indicators in the 6R, and rear fog light, brake and reversing lights in the 6C.


The 6R already offers a range of electronic co-pilots to support you in your driving: cruise control system and headlight washer system, fog lights with static cornering light, Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator and ParkPilot.
A model update means that the 6C can take it to the next level: with the "Rear View" rear view camera system, Driver Alert system, adaptive cruise control (ACC), multicollision brake, the "Sport Select" running gear or "Front Assist" area monitoring system with City Emergency Braking System - the Polo 5 has more assistants on board than ever before.

Convenience & function.

Use the multi-function steering wheel to control your radio - or a connected iPhone - conveniently and safely from your steering wheel. The perfect temperature is kept at a constant by the "Climatronic" air conditioning system and the air stays beautifully clean - thanks to the integrated activated charcoal filter. The air conditioning system also cools the glove compartment - no more melted chocolate bars!

Infotainment & connectivity.

You can have your pick of several high-quality radio navigation systems, such as the "RNS 310" for the 6R or the "Composition/Discover Media" for the 6C, so your journeys always head in the right direction - all the while accompanied by the sounds of the radio. Rather play your own music? No problem: thanks to the innovative MEDIA-IN or AUX-IN multimedia socket, you can connect external audio files. The updated 6C comes ready-equipped with Car-Net, and with it, the innovative App- Connect - so you can connect your smartphone to your Polo V.


The range of available engines also makes the Polo 5 stand out: the BiFuel dual drive concept combines petrol and liquefied petroleum gas - switch between them while driving by simply pushing the button. The benefits: greater fuel range for lower costs and less damage to the environment. LPG engines installed ex-works are also more durable than the retrofitted variety - which is why we offer BiFuel in 5 different Polo V models/equipment options.

Polo BlueGT.

This innovative special edition model combines driving pleasure with low consumption. But how? When the vehicle requires less power, the ACT Active Cylinder Management automatically switches to the fuel-saving 2-cylinder mode; the design of the exterior reduces e.g. wind resistance by way of the aerodynamic rear spoiler. What's more, the 15 mm lowered running gear and black painted radiator grille with GT lettering leave no doubt as to the Polo's special sporting attributes. The vehicle interior is also a real head-turner: with colourful decorative stitching and numerous chrome elements.

Polo R WRC.

Extra special - our rally Polo that's just as at home on regular roads. With 162 kW (220 hp), it's got the most powerful engine of the 5th Generation Polos. With 16" disc brakes at the front and rear, you'll have all that power under control. The premium WRC-design sports seats, centre seat panels in crystal grey Alcantara with mercato blue and silver grey decorative stitching, and the multi-function sports steering wheel complete the lasting impression made by all 2,500 units of this limited edition Volkswagen. The foil sticker on the rear spoiler depicts the car's individual serial number.

We'll keep you up to speed. Always on the go, whether it's to friends, the supermarket, sport or the great outdoors? No matter what the road ahead of you looks like – we'll be there to keep you mobile and flexible.

Maintenance & inspection.

Maintenance and inspection works are an integral part of the care your Polo 5 needs, and are essential for its upkeep. So, it's even more important to observe the intervals. Find out here how to recognise when your next appointment is due, even when you've covered hundreds or even thousands of kilometres.

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Clever Repair®.

  1. Is your Polo used a lot and by numerous drivers? A tear in the seat or small scratches to the paintwork can occur pretty quickly. Clever Repair® makes small defects virtually invisible again - simple, cost- effective and quick. 

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Service & inspection.

Learn more about our services, i.e. the Dialogue Reception. Here we'll discuss with you exactly what work needs to be done on your Polo - free of charge and within 15 minutes.

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Changing your tyres.

Your Volkswagen's wheels and tyres should always match the current season. We'll gladly take care of the change for you.

On a roll!

Height, width, type, whether it's summer or winter: the wheels and tyres that your Polo cruises the streets on are important. Find out here about the right tyre and rim sizes.

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Your Polo at its very best. Only an individually kitted out Polo is truly your Polo. Discover selected accessories here – and upgrade your Volkswagen with everyday helpers that fit your lifestyle.

Luggage compartment solutions
Sport & design

My car – my sound.

Your favourite hits belong in the car with you! Connect audio sources easily to the ex-works MEDIA-IN socket using e.g. the mini USB adapter. The 3rd generation radio (navigation system) allows you to display your playlists and play your favourite songs.

Luggage compartment solutions.

Everything under control.

Buggy, crate of beer, shopping bags: does your Polo have to accommodate different drivers and everything they load into it? Our convenience and protection range is here to help. The plug-in module can flexibly divide the luggage compartment, ensuring a secure hold.

Sport & design.

Smooth entry.

Prevent scratches in the entry area to the vehicle and capture others' attention at the same time: the stainless steel door sill panels with Polo lettering. Available for 2 and 4-door vehicles. Take a look through our sport and design range.

Where all the action happens. Whether it's your main car or a second car, in regular city traffic or on a weekend trip away – your Polo has to withstand plenty of challenges. To ensure that it keeps on going, we've developed a comprehensive range of suitable parts: here is a selection for your Polo.

Genuine Parts.

You can rely on Volkswagen Genuine Parts® for as long as 15 years after the end of series production of your Polo - meaning it stays a 100% original, with certified quality and outstanding safety for its occupants.

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Toothed belt.

Extreme power transmission, constant tension - and all at a huge range of temperatures. When was the last time you checked this crucial wear part? No expense should be spared when it comes to your teeth.

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Engine oil.

The highest possible degree of safety and power down to the last detail - or rather, down to the last drop of Volkswagen engine oils. Which is the best one for your Polo? Find out by comparing the information in the owner's manual with the VW standard on the engine oil bottle.

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New & used cars.

Sleek appearance.

The used cars from Volkswagen: an extensive range, tried-and-tested quality. Find your first-class second-hand Polo here.

Just a prototype?

Not quite, but brand new: the Polo 6 has arrived. Check out the configurator here - and your individual dream Polo.


Guarantees, financing for accessories or new cars: whatever you may have planned for your Polo, we have the perfect financing option for you.

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