The right Volkswagen tyre & rim sizes for your Polo 4.

When it comes to the size of tyres and rims, other factors may come into play, such as wheel housing extensions (FLAPS), sports running gear and/or deactivated head and side airbags in 4-door vehicles. Under these conditions, 9N models can manage a tyre width of up to 205 mm, a height-width ratio of up to 40%, a tyre or rim diameter of up to 17" and a rim width of up to 7.5".

These dimensions also apply to the GTI and GTI Cup Edition models.
With a rim diameter of 17" and a rim width of 7.5", the special edition CrossPolo model can even be driven on 215 mm wide tyres.

Apart from that, the following points generally apply for all other 9N models:

  1. Tyre width: between 155 and 195 mm
  2. Height-width ratio: between 50 and 80 %
  3. Tyre and rim diameter: 13 to 15 inches
  4. Rim width: 5 to 6 inches
  5. Rim offset (in German 'ET'): between 35 and 43 mm

And where can you find this information on the tyres or rims? Check out our pages on tyre and rim knowledge to find out. Do you also want to know which wheel/tyre combinations are approved for your Polo? Then the rim knowledge page is right place for you!

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Polo 4 (9N3).