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Passat B7 (3C).

All information on the Passat B7 (2010-2014): estate models, accessories & services.

A timeless, simple design, innovative technology, smart assistance systems and a whole new level of space - for you, your children or your business. There's a good reason why the Passat B7 (year of construction 2010-2014) is one of the most popular models for families or corporate customers. Discover its highlights, range of equipment options and how to keep it in the best possible condition.

The Passat B7 family. The Passat B7 and Passat B7 Estate provide an incredible amount of space – as well as an incredible number of ways to use it exactly as you wish. Whether as a saloon or an estate with numerous equipment options, engines and accessories. Discover the whole Passat B7 family.

Passat B7 Estate

Exceptionally spacious and perfect for day-to-day and holidays: the incredible comfort of the Passat Estate makes every kilometre a pleasure to drive. 

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Passat B7 BlueMotion

The Passat BlueMotion shows just how attractive economy can be - with optimised aerodynamics, innovative technology and lowered running gear. 

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Passat B7 Highline

Welcome to the boardroom: the Passat Highline impresses with comfort and technology at the very highest level. 

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Passat B7 Comfortline

Superior comfort: the Passat Comfortline will spoil you with its numerous convenient features and elegant details. 

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Passat B7 Exclusive

Exceptionally high-quality materials and unusual colour combinations make the Passat Exclusive an elegant design statement. 

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Passat B7 Business Edition

This is no 'business as usual': the Passat Business Edition truly stands out, featuring equipment that reflects the professional demands placed on it.

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Passat B7 BlueTDI

Driving pleasure and lower NOx emissions in one: on the one hand thanks to the exhaust gas turbocharger and common rail technology, on the other to the additive AdBlue and the SCR catalytic converter.

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Passat B7 TSI EcoFuel

Environmentally friendly driving pleasure: the Passat TSI EcoFuel combines incredible comfort with a particularly economical petrol-natural gas transmission.

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Passat B7 Trendline

Exquisitely manufactured and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable journey: discover the sophisticated quality of the Passat Trendline.

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Passat B7 Alltrack

Meticulously designed down to the smallest detail: the B7 Alltrack combines comfort, safety and a high degree of authenticity - both on and off-road.

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Highlights. Estate or saloon, family car or company car: with the Passat B7 highlights, every journey will be a joy – whether you're picking the kids up from school, heading to the office or on your way to meet a customer.

Design – for a stylishly elegant performance.

Defined shapes, clean lines, simple design. With the Passat B7, you'll take stylish elegance to the streets. For example, the horizontal lines that feature the distinctive chrome fins in the radiator grille. Or the powerful C-pillar, which creates a striking, dynamic transition to the tail - and is sure to attract the envy of your neighbours.

Engines – driving pleasure can be so sensible.

Your Passat Type 3C combines a powerful engine with smart technology to create an economical driving experience: its TDI diesel engines are symbolic of a high torque and low fuel consumption. The TSI petrol engines combine a low cylinder capacity with intelligent turbo-charging and precision direct fuel injection. What's more, with the "Plus" multi-function display, you can keep an eye on how efficiently you're driving.

BlueMotion – responsible down to the smallest detail.

The secret of BlueMotion: numerous details that help you consume less - e.g. improved aerodynamics thanks to special BlueMotion running gear, a special rear spoiler or perhaps "Buenos Aires" alloy wheels. Or a comprehensive technology package for efficient driving. This includes: a gear-change indicator in the multi-function display or the start-stop system that switches the engine off automatically when you come to a halt.

Assistance systems – your personal assistants on every journe

Allow us to introduce: your personal assistants, helping you find a parking space, drive safely at night or get through rush hour traffic. With the "Rear Assist" rear view camera, you can keep an eye on e.g. the tail at all times. too. The "Dynamic Light Assist" controls your car's main beam to ensure it doesn't dazzle other drivers. And when your eyelids are getting heavier after a long day, the Driver Alert System will remind you to take a break.

Comfort – a vehicle interior you're happy to spend time in.

No matter how long the journey in your B7 is, it's so comfortably designed and equipped that you can enjoy every single kilometre. All materials in the Type 3C have been processed to an exceptionally high quality and are perfectly coordinated with one another. Use the multi-function leather steering wheel to operate the radio, telephone and the multi-function display. The ambience package creates a pleasant atmosphere. And when you do eventually have to get out of your car, your Passat B7 will light up the path to your front door via the "Coming Home" function.

Infotainment – make it a comfortable & entertaining trip.

Highlights of the radio navigation system in your B7 include the "RCD 510" with a 16.5 cm screen diagonal, 400x240 pixels, touchscreen, SD/SDHC reading device, DAB tuner, Aux In and 6-CD changer, or the "5NS 510" with a 16.5 cm screen diagonal, 800x480 pixels, touchscreen, DVD player, SD/SDHC reading device, DAB tuner and 30GB hard drive.

Services & checks for your Passat B7. Whether you're out and about with the family or for work: give us a minute of your time every now and then – e.g. to change your oil, check the air conditioning system and repair any chips on the windscreen. Your advantage: all services and checks are perfectly matched to your Passat.

Oil Service.

Extend your engine's service life - with the Volkswagen Oil Service. Your advantages in brief: we change engine oil, filters and seals using our know-how as a manufacturer, even in the Express Service. Plus, we only use genuine engine oil and Genuine Parts that have been specially developed for your Passat. 

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Glass Repair Service.

 Want to repair the chip in your windscreen the easy way - quickly, generally free of charge and with barely a trace of the damage afterwards? No problem: with the Volkswagen Glass Repair Service, we can virtually undo any damage. If that's not possible, we'll exchange your windscreen. 

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Air Conditioning System Service.

With a supply of fresh air in a pleasant temperature, you can concentrate more effectively on the road - even if other drivers aren't paying much attention. Have your air conditioning system checked and maintained by us on a regular basis - but also simply as and when you need it in the Express Service.

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Maintenance intervals for the B7.

Your Passat is a real long distance champion. That's why it's even more important to keep up to date with its maintenance intervals - regardless of whether you use it as a family or company car. Find out here how to recognise when your next appointment is due, even when you've covered hundreds or even thousands of kilometres.

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Wheel & Tyre Storage Service.

Highly convenient, highly affordable: More space and no need to carry your tyres back and forth when it's time to change them.

The right tyre & rim size.

On average, you could drive once around the world in your B7 without having to change the tyres. They'll manage about 25,000 miles (40,000 km). Discover here how to find the right tyre width and, upon request, the right rims once it's time for a change.

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Accessories for your Passat B7. A wide back seat that has plenty of space for several child seats. A comfortable interior that can be quickly converted into a mobile office. Or a luggage compartment that can hold up to 480 L. Your Passat gives you plenty of opportunity to design it according to your exact requirements, whether as a family car or a company car – with Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.

Comfort & protection

Always connected.

Business meeting at 4pm. The meeting room: your Passat - thanks to a brand new hands-free concept. With the Volkswagen communication solutions, available for retrofitting, it's easy to connect your smartphone with your car. Or relax after a hard day's work to the sound of your favourite music. Discover these and many more communication options.


A more comfortable drive from A to B.

Precise navigation, clear sound quality and convenient operation: thanks to the up to 16.5 cm screen diagonal and touchscreen with excellent maps, image and video reproduction. Getting from A to B has never been easier and more convenient than with the Volkswagen Genuine Navigation and Radio Systems, which include maps for Western Europe.

Comfort & protection.

Arrive crease-free.

Your jacket or blazer will stay crease-free, even after hundreds of kilometres. Simply attach the stylish Volkswagen Genuine Clothes Hangers or the practical "Snakey" hooks to the head restraint guides on the front seats. You'll find these and many more beautifully designed ways to keep things neat and tidy here.


A small luxury for when you're on the go.

Replacement parts for your Passat B7. Perfectly matched to you Passat and Passat Variant: With Volkswagen Genuine and Economy Parts. you'll be comfortably back on the road following any repairs or maintenance work.

Volkswagen Economy Parts.

Certified quality, flawless functioning and at a great price - Volkswagen Economy Parts have been specially developed for Volkswagen vehicles that have been on the road for 4 years or more. Perfect for your Passat B7. 

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Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.

With Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, your Passat stays a 100% original. They are the perfect fit for your car and will win you over with their excellent quality. For greater comfort - from one journey to the next. 

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Find the right oil.

The right assistant is indispensable - the same goes for your Passat. Only the right engine oil will provide the optimal protection, cooling and lubrication for your engine. The owner's manual will provide information on which oil to use. Important: use only the engine oil indicated in the manual - do not mix randomly with other substances. You may risk damaging the engine.

Tip: Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil has been specially developed for your engine. For greater protection and performance.

New & used cars.

Find a used Passat B7.

Do you want to make a Passat your business partner or a new family member? Then take a look at our used car brand "Das WeltAuto".

Time for something new?

Even if your Passat has been your trusted companion for years - sometimes it's time for a new partner. Build you dream model here.

Financing a new or used vehicle?

With the innovative financial services from Volkswagen Financial Services AG, you choose the key to mobility.

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