Wheel rim width.

7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

To ensure that the wheel rim fits, it has to be the right width. This is what the first number tells you in inches. The wheel rim in the example is 7 inches wide. 1 inch corresponds to 25.4 mm.

For the majority of Golf VI models, wheel rims are between 5 1⁄2 and 7 1⁄2 inches wide.

Wheel rim type.

7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

The letter after the width indicates the wheel rim contour, i.e. how the wheel rim is constructed. Older wheel rims, e.g. for the Beetle, sometimes have a B as the wheel rim contour.

Like most other cars, your Golf VI has type J wheel rims.

Wheel rim diameter.

7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

16 inches or 19 inches. The number after the x tells you the size of a wheel rim.

Most Golf VI models are permitted to have a diameter of 15 to 18 inches - for the R and "Edition 35" models it's 19 inches.

The larger the wheel rims, the smaller the distance to your wheel recesses - this is often too small for snow chains. Ask your Volkswagen Partner about the maximum size for your Golf VI model so that you can still use snow chains.

Installation depth.

7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

ET stands for installation depth (in German). How great is the distance between the contact surface and the wheel centreline in millimetres? In the example, this is 49 mm.

Wheel rims for your Golf VI generally have an installation depth between 47 mm and 54 mm.

Bolt circle.

7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

The bolt circle (LK in German) is the innermost circle of the wheel rim. It has several openings through which the wheel rim is bolted onto the wheel flange.

Only if it has a diameter of 112 inches will the wheel rim fit your Golf VI.

Screw count.

7,0 J x 17, ET49, LK112/5

The number of screws with which the wheel rims are fixed to the wheel flange is different for every vehicle. Your Golf VI uses 5.

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