Tyre size.

1. Tyre width in mm
225 / 45 R 17 94 W
Car tyres have a tyre width of 125 mm to 335 mm. Your Golf VI's tyres are between 195 mm and 240 mm wide.

2. Height-width ratio
225 / 45 R 17 94 W
How high is the tyre in comparison with the width of its cross-section in %? The smaller the number, the lower the tyre sidewall. The height-width ration of Golf VI tyres lies between 35 % and 65 %.

3. Tyre type
225 / 45 R 17 94 W
The tyre casing consists of fine polyester cord fibres. R (radial tyres): The fibres run at a right angle to the direction of travel. D (diagonal tyres): The fibres run diagonally to this. Only the same type of tyres can be mounted at one time. RF: Run-Flat tyres.

4. Wheel rim diameter in inches
225 / 45 R 17 94 W
The measurement is taken from wheel rim to wheel rim. Golf VI tyres have a diameter of 15 inches to 19 inches.

5. Load-Index
225 / 45 R 17 94 W
Indicates the maximum load of the tyres in conjunction with its maximum speed. For example, a maximum of 670 kg is permitted for a load index of 94 - with corresponding air pressure.

6. Speed index
225 / 45 R 17 94 W
The maximum permitted speed can be seen in conjunction with the load index. The bearing capacity of the tyres can fall at high speeds.

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