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Spotlight on the Golf 6 (2008-2012): Everything you need to know about the Golf 5K. With its many variations, the Golf VI makes everyone happy. Ranging from exciting to harmonious, from comfortable to thrilling, for sporty drivers or young families: the configurations are hugely versatile. Our current vehicles are very close to our hearts, which is why on this Golf 6 page you'll find some exciting tricks, learn more about the highlights and receive some handy tips.

An overview of the whole Golf 6 5K family. The Golf is Germany's most popular car. Only 20 engine versions were available during the 5-year Golf 6 construction period. The performance of these engines ranged from 80 hp to 270 hp. You'll find all Golf VI models here.

Golf 6 GTI

The fastest way to a moving life. Are you ready for a racing duel with your pulse? Your opponent: the Golf GTI.

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Golf 6 GTD

The Golf GTD is built for true lovers. And for everyone who is crazy about sportive design!

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Golf 6 R

The Golf R is the strongest Golf of all times: pure power and a consequent sporting design.

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Golf 6 Trendline

Looks good from all sides: The Golf Trendline.

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Golf 6 Comfortline

Offers high quality down to the tiniest detail: The Golf Comfortline.

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Golf 6 Highline

Unites sporty elegance with perfect comfort: The Golf Highline. 

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Golf 6 BlueMotion

Behind the sportive design is an optimised aerodynamic - a contribution to excellent fuel consumption.

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Golf 6 Trendline BiFuel

A compelling bivalent drive concept with liquefied petrolium filled (LPG) and fuel - at a surprisingly low price.

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Golf 6 Comfortline BiFuel

The comforts of the Golf Comfortline combined with next generation driving systems: The Golf Comfortline BiFuel.

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Golf 6 Style BiFuel

Attractive combination: the efficient bivalent driving system of a BiFuel with the wide features of the Golf Style.

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Golf 6 Style

The Golf Style acts like a real style icon: with tastefully and intelligently composed features.

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Golf 6 GTI "Edition 35"

The Golf GTI Edition 35 is pure driving pleasure. Powerful through its appearance - and its exclusive equipment.

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Highlights. The numerous details and technical finesse make it the leader of the pack – enjoy the highlights of the Golf VI. You'll also find the sporty models here, such as the Golf GTD, GTI or the dynamic R-Line.


Sporty or classic: With the Golf VI, you don't have to choose just one. Its design brings both styles together - from the clear and powerful shape of the wheels, the elegant lines of the vehicle rear, to the twin tailpipe, which alludes to the sheer power hidden beneath the engine lid.

Technology of the Golf 6.

Lower consumption, less CO2 - but that doesn't mean less driving pleasure. The Golf VI brings performance and responsibility together in one model. Thanks to BlueMotion technologies such as start-stop systems or recuperation, which help your Golf recapture energy whenever you brake. Also available as 1.6 litre TDI, TSI or liquefied petroleum gas run bi-fuel.


Every journey becomes more enjoyable when you feel safe. Your Golf VI can lend a helping hand. For example, with a rear view camera system, which makes sure you can see absolutely everything behind you, right down to the neighbour's dog. With the Electronic Stability Control, which keeps you on track, even in critical situations. Or with airbags at the front and on the sides, for your knees and head.

Assistance systems of the Golf 6.

Anything can happen on the road. This is why your Volkswagen Golf VI supports you with its intelligent assistance systems: The optional adaptive chassis control DCC reacts automatically to the situation and to the road. And to you: With just the click of a button, you can decide how comfortable or sporty you want your car to be.


With your destination in sight and your favourite song in your ear, driving suddenly becomes a lot more relaxed. The multimedia equipment in your Golf VI provides you with an incredibly rich sound, as well as helping you to find your route quickly and easily. Depending on the fittings, it can be equipped with a voice command system, traffic sign recognition, touchscreen, hands-free system and DVD drive.

Golf 6 R-Line.

No trip is too short to show off your best side. With the R-Line specification packages for Trendline, Comfortline and Highline, you'll cover every distance in a more sporty and exclusive manner than ever before. This might be with a black radiator grille, with distinctive roof spoilers, or the 17 inch "Mallory" light alloy wheel rims.

Volkswagen Exclusive.

Help your Golf VI make the grade with the opulent details, fine materials and select designs of the Volkswagen Exclusive fittings. How about the "Salamanca" light alloy wheels, or maybe the sporty "Bilbao" model? The result: Exactly your style.

Older vehicles are just as important to us. Wherever you are, you can call on the extensive Volkswagen service offers at any of our approximately 2,100 partners in Germany. Take advantage of the Volkswagen Service, especially for your Golf 6.

Inspection & maintenance.

Service conducted by competent professionals is the best way to ensure that your Golf 6 is on the go for as long as possible. Inspection according to the service schedule, reliable and competent at your Volkswagen Partner.

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Battery Service.

Is the acid gauge in your starter battery below the min. marking? A battery check delivers precise information about whether the problem can be solved by professional maintenance or a replacement. Be ready to go at any time and really put pedal to the metal.

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Tyre Service.

At least twice a year, at the turn of the seasons, it's time to change your summer or winter tyres. Rest assured that your Volkswagen Partner will ensure that you receive the right tyres and wheels for your Golf 6 type 5K.

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Wheel & Tyre Storage Service.

We store your wheels in the correct conditions - cool, dry and dark; we'll also check the tread, if requested, and realign them. You can be safe in the knowledge that everything will run smoothly in the new season. And last but not least, you have more space in your cellar or garage.

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Tyre sizes.

It's a little like shoe sizes: The tyre size must be the perfect fit for your Golf VI. Only then will you be able to drive safely and protected by your insurance. How do you find the right size? Simply compare the information in your registration certificate with the numbers on the tyres.

Narrow or wide tyres?

Wider tyres look great, but what else are they good for? Does more tyre mean a better grip on the asphalt? And why are your Golf VI's standard tyres wider than those of the Golf I?

Wheel rims.

Would you prefer 7,0 J x 17, ET 49, LK 112/5 or 8,5 J x 19, ET59, LK130/5 wheel rims? Even if it may seem so at first sight: Finding the right wheel rims for your Golf VI is not rocket science. The numbers tell you everything about the bolt circle, installation depth, type and screw count of a model. We'll explain exactly what this means here.

Current accessories for the Golf 6. Whether it's for sportiness or design, comfort and protection, transport or the expansion of your infotainment system: with the Volkswagen Genuine Accessories you can customise your Golf VI right down to the last detail. Be inspired.


Everything's a little better when your favourite song is playing. Discover the Volkswagen radio systems with all their functions. Compare the range of options for your Golf VI and click for more information.

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Auxiliary heating.

Now it's time to find your perfect climate. The auxiliary heating heats the vehicle interior and ensures easy windscreen-wiping in winter. On hotter days, the auxiliary heating acts as auxiliary ventilation and blows fresh air into the parking vehicle.

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Daytime running light.

Reduce the risk of an accident with additional light during the day. If you upgrade with daytime running lights, individual lamps will be installed in the headlights or the bumper. More information on retrospective installation here.

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Care products.

Clean, care and protect. Guarantee a brilliant performance through optimal care. Do you want your Golf VI to look brand new? The care products for interior and exterior by Volkswagen Genuine Accessories will make it shine.

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GTI Collection.

More than just 3 letters.

Volkswagen Parts for your Golf 6. Perfectly coordinated to your Volkswagen, with the Volkswagen Parts you'll be back on the road safely and comfortably after a repair or maintenance.

Top Price. Certified Quality.

Economy Parts provide certified quality with faultless functionality for a great price. They have been developed for vehicles older than 4 years.

100% Volkswagen.

To ensure that your Golf VI remains an original, we recommend the Volkswagen Genuine Parts® with 100% precision fit, premium quality and safety.

Toothed belt & timing chain.

The toothed belt and timing chain perform the same function. They ensure that your engine runs in perfect sync. You can read exactly what is installed in your Golf VI in the owner's manual. When should you change them and why should you not miss this date at any cost? We'll tell you here.

Breathe easy.

Have the allergen filter installed now. Also available for older models from the Golf V onwards.

Engine oils for the Golf 6.

Every oil has a different structure and its own components. They decide how quickly is it dispersed in the engine. Whether it can withstand temperatures of 3,000°C or only 350°C. Which harmful substances it absorbs. Only an oil that matches your engine exactly will protect, clean and cool it properly. And the right oil for your Golf VI? You'll find it with the Volkswagen Oil Standard.

Driving Experience.

Discover the performance of your Golf VI.

New & used car.

Your personal Volkswagen.

You can now create exactly the Golf 7 you want using the Volkswagen Configurator.

Due a new used car?

In ''Das WeltAuto" you surely find a nice Golf VI.

Open the door to your dream car.

With the innovative services from Volkswagen Financial Services AG, you choose the key to your mobility.

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