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Golf 5 (1K).

THE page for Golf 5 fans. Highlights, handy tips & offers. From the Golf V Trendline to special models like the Golf V Goal or United: The Golf V combines comfort and safety with dynamism and driving pleasure. The BlueMotion version heralds the trend for particularly economic models. Whether it's Trendline, Comfortline, Sportline or individually configured: You'll find everything you need to know about the Golf V, right here.

An overview of the whole Golf V family. Golf V for everyone: With 4 petrol and 3 diesel engines to choose from, you'll be on the right track both in the city and out on the open road, with an engine performance ranging from 55 kW (75 hp) to 184 kW (250 hp). You'll find the most important Golf V models here.

Golf V GTI

No compromises: With its impressive engine performance and specially coordinated running gear, the Golf V GTI is the ultimate embodiment of driving pleasure - and is more powerful than ever.

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Golf V GT

The Golf GTD is built for true lovers. And for everyone who is crazy about sportive design!

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Golf V R32

Pure passion for sporting driving pleasure. Maximum dynamics. With the Golf V R32, you'll know how it feels to drive the ultimate compact sports car.

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Golf V GTI 30 Year Edition

The Golf V GTI 30 Year Edition is the ultimate benchmark. It will win you over with its dynamic appearance, and it has more power than any other GTI before it. Experience the legend of the automotive world.

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Golf V GTI Pirelli

Sporting elegance meets top technical performance and a confident flair - the Golf V GTI Pirelli lets the world know that it can really perform. And it makes a statement.

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Golf V Tour Edition

The Golf V Tour Edition is truly captivating. Not only does it look spectacular, but it's also completely reliable - whether you're out on the open road or just popping to the shops. The best travel companion you could hope for.

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Golf V Tour

The Golf V Tour effortlessly brings together all the advantages of a perfect travel companion: it's reliable, it looks great and is a great entertainer. There are so many roads to travel.

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Golf V Individual

A Golf V Individual always means opting for something extra special: You'll know from the very first glance, thanks to its exceptional configuration in your own personal style.

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Golf V Trendline

The Golf V Trendline gives you everything you could possibly want from a truly extraordinary car - with numerous practical details such as heated exterior mirrors, front seats with Easy Entry function or ISOFIX bases for child seats.

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Golf V Comfortline

The Golf V Comfortline guarantees one thing above all else: Your journey will be relaxed from start to finish - no matter how long you've been on the road. This is all thanks to a range of specification details that are as practical as they are enjoyable.

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Golf V Sportline

The Golf V Sportline is pure dynamism - inside and out: Thanks to its powerful appearance featuring sports running gear and its modern interior environment.

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Golf V Highlights. For the very best cornering, the Golf V comes up trumps with the newly developed four-link rear suspension – and it will keep on surprising you with many more innovative highlights. Prepare to be amazed!


A wide track, large wheels and the sporty details on the vehicle body give your Golf V a powerful and dynamic look. What's more, the downward-sweeping bonnet is a real head-turner. But beauty alone is not enough: numerous design elements also make your journey safer. An example: the lane change assist warning lamp. All in tried-and-tested Volkswagen quality.


A versatile companion in both summer and winter: The new electromechanical power steering makes the journey in your Golf V even easier and safer. The steering system is adaptive, recognises the driving situation and will only support you with steering when you need it - but when it does, it's always precise. Along with the stable vehicle body, up to eight airbags, ABS and Electronic Stability Control turn your Golf V into your own personal bodyguard.

Driving comfort.

Thanks to the optimised McPherson front axle and a wide track, the Golf V is both comfortable to drive and extremely stable. It even tilts less to the side in the front axle area. To make sure your journey is a smooth one, the separately located dampers and springs absorb any bumps and knocks. Plus, the generous vehicle interior provides you with plenty of room and comfort, even on longer journeys.


Whether you're on the motorway or winding country roads, the four-link rear suspension will make sure your Golf V gives a dynamic performance. Even tight bends are no match for this vehicle, barely tilting to the side. What's more, it reacts to uneven roads with greater accuracy - and there's one more thing you'll sense: Pure driving pleasure.


It's reassuring to know you'll always find your way. Thanks to the radio navigation system with dynamic route guidance via RDS TMC, you can also listen to your favourite song along the way. The CD changer for up to 6 CDs guarantees hours of entertainment.

Comfort features.

CD-radio, wooden steering wheel or heated seats: Each of our special features gives your Golf V a personal touch. For example, classic leather equipment, a sliding glass sunroof and a chrome package for a sparkling finish. Or give yourself even more space with a load-through hatch in the backrest. Make yourself comfortable.

Technical features.

With its range of ingenious technical features, the Golf V is just waiting to make your life easier. A couple of examples: The "Plus" multi-function display informs you of everything you need to know during your journey. The light and vision package makes sure you can see everything going on around you, and the rain sensor will automatically activate your wipers the second it feels the first drop.

No-one knows your Golf V as well as we do. That's why, when it comes to service and maintenance, we're the best guys for the job. And that's true all over the country: More than 2000 Volkswagen Partners not only provide assistance but also a high level of expertise, right on your doorstep, so your Golf V gets the customised service it deserves.

The Vehicle Check.

Comfort that you can completely rely on - day in, day out on your way to work or on a long holiday trip. We see to that with our Vehicle Check. We check your Golf 5 in all important points: from the brakes through to the engine. Even in the Express Service - with no need for an appointment and with no waiting.

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Oil Service.

Extend your engine's service life - with the Volkswagen Oil Service. Your advantages in brief: We change engine oil, filters and seals using our know-how as a manufacturer, even in the Express Service. Plus, we only use Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil and Genuine Parts that have been specially developed for your Golf V.

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Body & Paintwork Service.

The vehicle body of your Golf 5 is more than just a bit of metal. Along with various assistance and protective systems, it provides protection on every journey - even in the event of an accident. That's why you should let our experts take care of its repair.

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End-of-Life Vehicle Service.

Your Golf V has been your trusty companion for so long, but now, you'd like to upgrade to a newer model? Simply hand it over to us at one of our many return centres. We'll recycle it, free of charge, within the framework of the relevant legal conditions.

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Inspection intervals & scope.

At Volkswagen there are 2 types of service interval: fixed and flexible. The question of which type is for you depends on your Golf V's equipment - either the vehicle registration document or your Volkswagen Partner can tell you which type applies to you. But before consulting either of those, you can start by finding out the details of the scope of service here.

The right tyre sizes & width for my Golf 5.

How do you find the right size? Simply compare the information on your certification document with the numbers on the tyres. Find out here exactly what the numbers and letters mean. And what about the tyre width? Even though they may look impressive: Wide tyres change more than just the appearance. They affect the performance, grip and consumption of your Golf V. Find out more here.


With our classic rims, your Golf V will steal the limelight in true style - but of course, they have to be the right fit and officially approved. How do you find the right model? It's easy: We'll give you a short crash course in the world of wheel rims.

Accessories for your Golf V. For a breath-taking look and high degree of functionality, for more comfort and protection, for tech fans and those with an eye for detail: Only with the Volkswagen Genuine Accessories does the Golf V become truly personal.

Ski, snowboard & bike rack
Radio & communication systems.
Child seats.

Ski, snowboard & bike rack.

Are you a sports enthusiast? Then make sure your Golf V is ready for the next challenge! Discover the diverse transportation options for sports equipment and luggage.

Radio & communication systems.

A rich sound surrounds you while you drive safely and relaxed to your next destination. Radio, navigation system, air conditioning system - with these systems, perfectly coordinated to your Golf V, every journey will be pure joy. All devices in a single click.

Child seats.

The Volkswagen Genuine Accessories Child Seats meet the high safety standards required for young Golf fans aged 0 to 12 years. Practical: With the ISOFIX retaining rings on the rear seat bench and the front passenger seat (optional), your Golf V can accommodate up to 3 children as passengers.

More than 3 letters.

The GTI Lifestyle Collection.

On the road in the Golf V.

Peine, Pattensen, Paris. Wherever your journey may take you, you'll be guaranteed a real experience in your Golf V. To make sure that every passenger arrives safe and sound, we have a couple of clever tips for you up our sleeves.

Our parts for your Golf V. Perfectly matched to your Golf V: With Volkswagen Genuine and Economy Parts you'll be safely and comfortably back on the road following any repairs or maintenance work.

Volkswagen Economy Parts.

Certified quality, flawless functioning and at a great price - Volkswagen Economy Parts have been specially developed for Volkswagen vehicles that have been on the road for 5 years or more. Perfect for your Golf V.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.

With Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, your Golf V stays 100% original. They are the perfect fit for your car and will win you over with their excellent quality. For more safety and comfort - from one journey to the next.

Breathe easy.

Have the allergen filter installed now. Also available for older models from the Golf V onwards.

Useful information for your Golf V. There's no need to learn the owner's manual for your Golf V off by heart, that goes without saying. However, these tips are worth their weight in gold – they'll make life with your Golf V a great deal easier.


1. Vehicles with 4-wheel drive (4MOTION) may be towed with a tow-bar or a tow-rope. If the vehicle is towed with a raised front or rear axle, the engine must be switched off, otherwise the drive train may become damaged.
2. Incorrectly connected jump leads can cause considerable damages to the vehicle electrics.
3. If a securing clip is Withd by a stronger securing clip, damages may occur at a different point in the electrical system.

Glass, light & visibility.

1. Never remove snow or ice from the windows and mirrors with warm or hot water - you risk cracking the glass!
2. Switch off the rain sensor before you enter a car wash in the vehicle.
3. The filaments of the rear window heating are located on the inside of the rear window. In order to avoid any damages, do not stick any stickers over the filaments and never clean the inside of the rear window with corrosive or acidic cleaning products or other chemicals.
4. Cleaners that contain solvents, hard sponges and other sharp-edged items damage the graphite coating during the wiper blade cleaning process.
5. If you do not correctly fit the rubber covers or plastic caps on the headlight housing after changing the bulbs, damages to the electrical system may occur as a result of water trickling into it.
6. Spot on with the coming home and leaving home functions. There'll be no tripping over on your way to the front door, even in the dark. Simply choose how long you would like your headlights to remain illuminated after getting out of the car, enabling you to easily find your way to the door. If you press "unlock" again later, they'll come on again straight away.

Maintenance & care.

1. You should never try to remove dirt, mud or dust when the vehicle surface is dry; do not use a dry cloth or sponge either, as this may damage the vehicle's paintwork or windows. Soak the dirt, mud or dust with plenty of water.

2. In order to function properly, the parking aid requires the sensors in the rear bumper to be kept clean and clear of ice. If you are cleaning your vehicle with high pressure cleaners or steam jets, you should only spray the sensors directly for a very short time and always from a distance greater than 10 cm.
3. Matt-painted parts or plastic parts must not be treated with polishing agents or hard waxes.
4. Never apply abrasive cleaning products when treating chrome components.
5. How to check your maintenance interval: Switch on the ignition. Important: The engine must not be running. Set the trip metre to zero and hold down the reset button for approximately 2 seconds. You will then see how many days and kilometres you have left before the next inspection. The trip metre will then return to the previous value.
6. Check your Golf V live with us. Hot tip for everyone who wants to see their Golf V through the eyes of a professional: At your next service appointment, book yourself in for our free of charge Dialogue Reception Service and we'll check your Golf V together.

Engine oils for the Golf V.

Do your Golf V a favour: with the right engine oil from Volkswagen. It provides optimal protection for the engine, improves its performance and even extends its service life. You'll find the right oil for your model using the Volkswagen Oil Standard.

New & used car.

Your personal Volkswagen.

With the Volkswagen Configurator, you can build your Volkswagen exactly as you want it. Experience the new Golf!

Wanted: excellent used Golf V.

Found it! At "Das WeltAuto'' we're sure to have a great used Golf V for you.

Open the door to your dream car.

With the innovative financial services from Volkswagen Financial Services AG you choose the key to mobility.

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