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Old models.

Discover the world of Volkswagen models: Golf, Polo, Passat...

From small to compact, right up to pure luxury. We now have over 70 different models - discover all you need to know about your Volkswagen.

Golf 6 (5K).

You already know that your Golf 6 looks great from every angle. Your reliable partner will capture your imagination with many more advantages. Find out more here.

Golf 5 (1K).

Useful tips and tricks for handling your Golf. Discover everything you need to know about your Golf 5 here.

Polo 4.

We've been building Polos for you since 1975. The 4th Generation has a range of great models on offer: Polo 4 9N1, built from 2001 to 2005, and Polo 4 9N3, built from 2005 to 2009. Find everything you need to know about your particular model here!

Tiguan 1 (5N).

On the road with the Tiguan: whether in the city or the country - it's always an experience. Discover tips for both on and off-road, model details, current accessories and the right service for one of the most popular SUV models.

Passat B7 (3C).

Cause a commotion: hop into the Passat B7, year of construction 2010 to 2014. Discover the incredible level of comfort, the entire model family and current accessories.

Polo 5 (6R/6C).

Diversity has a name: with it's incredible innovation and variety, your 5th Generation Polo can really afford to show off - from its equipment and special edition models to its various assistance systems. Get to know your Polo 5 Type 6R or 6C better here.

Passat B6 (3C).

Even more famous as an estate than a saloon - our Passat. Allow us to introduce the B6 Type 3C (year of construction 2005-2010): all model types and equipment, matching accessories and practical services, highlights and details.