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Volkswagen Service Learn more about your service schedule and prices.

Customer satisfaction & service quality – make an appointment now. Only the best for you and your Volkswagen: We provide you with comprehensive services so you have a carefree and safe on-the-road experience. Our range of services guarantees you the best quality, long-lasting competence and constant mobility.

Service & inspection.

Every day is full of challenges. To make sure you can always rely on your Volkswagen, have it checked at regular intervals - for operational and functional safety. Ensuring your driving experience stays reliable.

Dialogue Reception. Check your Volkswagen together with us – from the brakes through to the engine. Free of charge and in 15 minutes. Decide yourself what to have repaired or carried out. We will advise you and provide a cost estimate.

Live & Transparent.



Joint Vehicle Check with your Volkswagen Service Advisor. Advice including cost estimates for repairs.

Fast & free.



The Dialogue Reception is free of charge and will be done within 15 minutes - you decide what to have repaired or carried out.

For your safety.



Thanks to a comprehensive check from the brakes through to the engine.