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Glass, Light and Visibility

Genuine Wiper Blades

Product information. 

Sometimes, the weather doesn't know what it wants to do, but that doesn't matter. With Volkswagen Genuine Wiper Blades, you can keep your eyes on the road - thanks to their aerodynamic wireless form even at high speed or during rainy days. And if you occasionally need new wipers despite their especially long service life, don't mull it over for a long time. Replace them with one click.

Perfect fit.

Even contact pressure thanks to precision-engineered flex rails which are adjusted to the curvature and size of Volkswagen windscreens.

Clear vision and stability even at high speed.

Thanks to aerodynamic design, integrated spoiler and dual precision-engineered flex rails.

Up to 30% less wear and tear.

Thanks to high-quality materials, a special smooth-running coating and winter-proof design. 


In our tropical and humid weather condition it is important to check you wiper blade regularly.



Heavy work for your safety. To ensure that you are safe on the road, your windscreen wipers cover hundreds of kilometres in a variety of weather conditions, being exposed, among other things, to sun, rain, snow as well as dirt and dust.

450 miles.

Your wiper blades cover an average of 450 miles (714 km) every 6 months, roughly the distance from Hamburg to Prague.

10 to 15 nanometres.

10 to 15 nanometres: the edge of a wiper blade is roughly as wide as a human hair.

20 to 200 nanometres.

20 to 200 nanometres is the depth of the film of water on which your wipers float.

Tips on clear visibility.

In one wipe.

When you top up with windscreen clear, check your wipers at the same time: Spray water onto the windscreen - not windscreen clear. It contains cleaning agents. Switch on the wipers. So stripes remain?

Pack of three.

Your rear windscreen wipers wear out, too. Replace them at the same time as the front wiper blades.

After the car wash.

After your visit to the car wash, your windscreen will also be waxed. This is how to prevent smears and noises: Wipe your windscreen with a cleaning cloth containing alcohol.

Washing-up liquid vs. windscreen clear.

Washing-up liquid works well - but only in the kitchen and with hot water. It dissolves grease much better than soot and insects. Moreover, it may make the spray result worse in the long run.

Insects approaching.

When spring starts, so, too, do the first insects. Use special windscreen clear for the warm period, which also safely removes beetles etc. Water alone is not sufficient here.

De-ice without scratches.

Small stones, sand and dust can scratch your windscreen. Spray the icy windscreen with de-icer. Spare your wiper blades and use the rubber of your scraper to wipe it off.

Seal? Better not to.

Smears and water droplets (when wiping) will form in the area of the wipers in the long run. These act like lenses and may dazzle you, e.g. if the sun is low or in oncoming traffic.

The correct adjustment.

Protect your wiper blades against night frost: You can simply open up older models. Take newer wipers for a service adjustment first. For more details, see your owner's manual.

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen Cleaner. Strong on dirt. Gentle on your Volkswagen. Rain, insects: No matter what is in the air today, Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen Cleaner will enable you to retain a clear view. At the same time, the special formulation protects your windscreens and the windscreen washer against frost and limescale – without leaving marks on your paintwork.

For a clear view.

All year round.

Removes insects and grease. Protects windscreen and windscreen washer against dirt  perfectly.

Environmentally friendly.

Without water-insoluble washing substances.

Gentle on materials.

Compatible with all Volkswagen materials: No cracks in plastic parts or marks on the paintwork.

Did you know?


If the windscreen is dirty, hazards may not be seen until it is too late or - in the worst case - not at all. In conjunction with the wipers, windscreen wash clears dirt and grime from the windscreen.

Without a windscreen wash, the wiper blades simply spread the dirt, usually with the result of restricting vision even more.

Our genuine windscreen cleaner does not damage paint, wiper rubber and other materials with which it could come into contact. 


Make sure you top up your wind screen tank washer tank regularly.

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Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen. Your window on the world – for more comfort and safety.

Your benefits. Product information.

Your benefits.

Your benefits.

Optimum protection.
Robust safety glass - supports the airbag, splinters less.

More comfort.
Protects against noise, shields from the sun and keeps the interior cooler in summer.

Matched to your Volkswagen.
Optimum interaction with high-tech functions (e.g. driver assistance systems like rain sensor or Lane Assist).

Product information.

Product information.

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreens are more than a protective shield against the elements. They ensure that your interior heats up less in the summer heat and provide support for your airbags during inflation.

More than just a good view. It makes your Volkswagen more stable, provides support for your airbag and protects you whenever you drive: Your windscreen is far more than just glass and a protective screen against the elements.

Safe support.

The windscreen provides support for airbags during inflation.


Your windscreen is firmly bonded to the bodywork and hence a load-bearing component. Almost 30% of the bodywork's ability to distort depends on it - and on its condition, of course.

Comprehensive protection.

The windscreen protects you against wind, UV radiation and noise. Your interior heats up less in summer.

Clean windscreen. Good visibility. An eye on safety.

Clear: Only if you have a proper view of the road are you also able to react properly. That's why, with your windscreen, clean means safe.

Volkswagen Genuine Lights.

Highlights for optimum visibility.

When the sun goes down far too quickly once again, Volkswagen Genuine Lights will see to enough light at night. Thanks to their particularly high light density, you will have a perfect view of the road - and others of you. Without dazzle effects, with full luminosity over their entire service life.


Your benefits.

  • Permanently full power.
    With Volkswagen LEDs, light output remains the same until the very end.
  • Last longer.
    Particularly long service life.
  • Low energy consumption.
    Volkswagen LEDs are long-lasting and consume little.

7 tips on all aspects of your lights.

In a pack of 2.

Our recommendation: Always change lights on both sides at the same time. First, they have roughly the same service life. Second, both will illuminate with the same intensity again.

Hands off.

Handle lights only with gloves or a cloth. Even a few fingerprints on the bulb can reduce light output and service life.

Free Light Check.

You can have your Volkswagen service centre perform frequent free checks on the setting of your lighting system. 

Matter for experts.

Only if you have the correct basic headlight setting will you be safe on the road and will not dazzle your oncoming traffic. Have the setting preferably checked by your Volkswagen service centre.

Light during the day.

If you have your lights on, you are more visible - for example, in forest shade or if the sun is low. That is why driving with lights on during the day is compulsory in many countries.

Weight aboard. Lights down.

Heavy luggage or many passengers?

The rear of your vehicle goes down and the front up, so your dipped headlights may dazzle oncoming traffic. Use the tiny wheel next to the steering column to adjust your headlight setting. Your owner's manual will contain the correct setting.

Obligations abroad.

 In many countries, not only driving with lights on during the day, but also carrying a lamp box is compulsory. It is best to find out about your destination before you start your journey.