Volkswagen Genuine V Belt

Product information. 

V belt made of a solid material, which reliably transfers power for longer - in extreme heat and cold -, but which is flexible enough to adapt and to keep tension constant. That is what your engine would wish for from a V belt. That is why we have designed Volkswagen Genuine V Belts exactly like this - matched to your Volkswagen.

  • Perfectly matched.

    To Volkswagen's engine, tensioner and idler pulleys. For fewer noises and smoother running performance.

  • Efficient.

    Reliable transmission of power.

  • Resilient & inherently robust

    Thanks to glass and synthetic fibres and an abrasion-resistant coating. Even in extreme conditions.

Volkswagen Genuine Spark Plugs.

Product information.

Whenever you depress your accelerator pedal - your Volkswagen engine can react precisely and develop its full power with Volkswagen Genuine Spark Plugs. Reason: They have been especially developed for your engine and matched exactly to its requirements. They spark reliably, ensure optimum combustion and do not overheat. For a quiet engine operation and less consumption.


Especially developed for your Volkswagen's engine.

For more comfort and less consumption.

Thanks to very smooth running performance and exact positioning of the ignition spark in the combustion chamber.