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Volkswagen Tint | Accessories VW Tint

Why VW Tint?

  • Official Volkswagen Tint
  • Perfect Fit and Top Quality (SIRIM ISO 9050:2003 / JIS / ASTM Standard)
  • 7 Years Transferable Warranty
  • Compliant with local regulations
  • Nationwide after sales support
  • Zero interference of GPS, SmartTag and remote access
  • Strong and durable adhesive to hold shattered glass in place
  • Long lasting performance
  • Shields from harmful UV rays

VW Tint Advantages and Benefits

Transferable ownership


  • Next owner still enjoys the benefits of VW Tint (within 7 years)

  • Higher resale value

  • No additional cost  

Nationwide dealer support


  • Visit any authorized Volkswagen dealers for any inquiries

  • Hassle free


Low entry cost


  • Quality tint at a lower price point

  • Low entry cost and affordability

Nano Film

Advantages and Benefits 

  • No risk of film fading or purpling

  • No chance for corrosion

  • No risk of signal interference (auto gate, mobile phone, GPS)

  • Low reflectivity

  • High durabilty

  • Good appearance of the vehicle 

  • Clear visibility and safe driving 


Skin Protection

Advantages and Benefits

  • Protection from harmful rays

  • Reduce the fading process of cars interior/upholstery


Specialised Adhesive

Advantages and Benefits

  • Durable and strong adhesive to hold shattered glass in place

  • Protect occupants and minimize injuries in the event of glass breakage


Complies with Local Regulations

Advantages and Benefits 

  • Assurance from Volkswagen

  • Not required to remove film prior to inspection as it is within the approved VLT limit

  • Volkswagen support on any compliance issue (Contact Volkswagen Customer Care)



Pre-Cut & Pre-Heat Film

Advantages and Benefits

  • Specially prepared for Volkswagen models

  • Perfect fit & finishing as no additional trimming is required


Warranty Coverage

Advantages and Benefits

  • 7 years warranty & unlimited mileage

  • Vehicle warranty will not be affected

  • Worry free


VW TINT pricing