Fuel Additive

Glass, Light and Visibility

Genuine Aero Wiper Blades

Pre-tensioned precision flex rails and integrated spoiler(fin)

 Wiper blades stays in contact with the windscreen at all times due to its optimum angle with high tensional strength. The integrated spoiler maintains a constant contact pressure at wide ranges of speeds.


Model specific 3 component blade rubber

 Wiper blades are made to fit the size and curvature of the windscreen of your VW model. High quality rubber material is used to ensure a quieter wiping action, eliminating chattering and squeaking sounds whilst in use.  

Genuine Aero Windscreen Cleaner

All year round optimum cleaning

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen Cleaner is made to provide optimum cleaning in any conditions as it effortlessly removes waxy and oily deposits and has a high level of hard-water stability leaving you with a clean windscreen all year long.


High quality and Environmental friendly

Combination of high quality ingredients that are compliant with all regulations due to the use of high-grade raw materials provides maximum environmental protection.