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Manufacturer's Warranty

5-Years Warranty (Vehicles registered as of 1st September 2016)

All new Volkswagen passenger vehicles purchased from an authorised Volkswagen Dealership in Malaysia qualify for a 5-year New Vehicle Warranty.

Factory/Importer Warranty (5 years)

Factory Warranty will cover the first 5 years from the vehicle's first registration date. Warranty conditions for CBU Volkswagen cars - according to the purchase contract - the Volkswagen Dealership warrants for vehicles sold; for a certain period, with no paint damage and occurrence of through-corrosion on the body:

A 3-year warranty against paint defects; and a 6-, 8- or 12-year warranty (depending on type and model year) against through-corrosion. A through-corrosion in this sense means a body panel perforation, which progresses from the inside (cavity) to the outside. Should such damage occur, it will be rectified by any dealership without charge - labour or material.

Warranty claims do not exist if

The damage can be traced back to external influences or insufficient care; or faults on body or paint that were not removed in time according to manufacturer's instructions; or occurrence of through-corrosion due to repairs not carried out according to manufacturer's guidelines.

After body repair, the Volkswagen Dealership confirms the warranty against through-corrosion for repaired area.

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