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Sedan Discover our range of classic sedans.

Classic design has never looked as new as with the sedans of Volkswagen. Balanced and harmonious proportions meet elegant, sporty lines and high-quality details. 


The only turbocharged sedan in its class.

The Vento is everything that engineering can do, and more. It feels like it wasn't born of the assembly line; but out of the unconditional giving that comes when someone pours their heart into it.

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The Jetta

Driven by confidence.

Meet the Jetta, now more sleek and stylish than ever before. With its revised front and rear design, enhanced features, stylish interior and wealth of standard equipment, it's refined, comfortable and spacious. Not to mention practical, elegant, dynamic and dependable, the Jetta delivers all round, offering real value for money and allowing you to think with your head as well as your heart. Family car or business vehicle, nothing makes more sense.

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The Passat

As advanced as you are.

The best thing about success is finally having the result in front of your eyes or just having a seat in it. With the new Passat you can do both, because it looks superb on the outside as well as on the inside. The Jurors of the "Car of the Year"-Awards and the "iF-Gold"-Awards share this opinion. Both of them named the new Passat their winner of 2015. 

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