Coupe Discover our range of sleek coupes.

The sporty and elegant Coupes from Volkswagen fascinate at first glance. No matter from what perspective: modern shapes let the noble vehicles shine in the eye of the beholder. 

The Beetle

The legend is back.

Rarely has a vehicle fascinated people as much as the Beetle has. Now the icon is back, but probably far different from what was expected - it is powerful, vibrant and with an edge. There is one rule even for an icon: Only the one who changes stays true to himself.

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The Beetle Dune

Meet the rebel.

The one who comes off as masculine, thanks to an off-road chassis and widened driving lanes, and looks so splendid in a Sandstorm Yellow Metallic Varnish, can turn out to be a bit more extroverted.

On the rear end, the spoiler painted in the same colour as the vehicle gives off not only a sporty look but it is also an ideal road holding. Alongside with that, the striking bumpers with add-on parts and the silver diffuser finished with glossy lacquer coating blend in perfectly in the dynamic overall look. The new LED-Backlights and the LED-License plate light are adding to the "be seen"-effect. The Beetle Dune is gaining an extra amount of self-esteem from its side skirts with a silver glossy lacquer. 

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