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The new era of #SUVW starts here

Allow us to introduce the latest addition to the Volkswagen family: the all-new Touareg R-Line, a pinnacle of engineering and #SUVW luxury that's bound to make an instant - and lasting - impression. 


Powered by a 3.0TSI V6 engine, you're assured a robust 340PS and 450 Nm of Torque for effortless athleticism tinged with sophistication. Journeys on the all-new R-Line also herald the era of next-generation technology, with the IQ Light HD Matrix Headlamps lighting up the path ahead for unmatched visibility. Furthermore, the vehicle's IQ.DRIVE with advanced Night Vision adds an extra layer of safety on nocturnal travels. 


Get behind the wheel to experience intuitive drives. Thanks to an automatic self-levelling air suspension that adjusts for and maintains consistent height, you'll experience optimal comfort on any road. 


Step into the all-new Touareg to enter your very own world. The Dynaudio Consequence Sound System delivers a resounding 730W of audio richness, providing the perfect soundtrack each time. 


Browse through the gallery for more of the all-new Touareg R-Line, your partner for thrilling escapades.

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