Driving Mode Selection

Available in the Golf R-Line the driving mode selection enables the driver to choose from 4 different modes. ECO, Normal, Sport, Individual. 

Driving a Golf will allow you to enjoy verve and economy rolled into one. But do you sometimes wish your car were a little bit sportier still? Or perhaps you'd like to save even more fuel? With optional driving profile selection, you can decide how you want your car to drive according to the situation and your personal needs. Choose your driving profile at the touch of a button, or by pressing the touchscreen of your Infotainment system. The powertrain, steering and, with the DSG dual clutch gearbox, the switching points are adjusted automatically.

For example, the ECO driving profile helps drivers to be environmentally conscious and save fuel whilst driving. To achieve this, it adapts the engine performance and activates the start/stop system if it is not already active, as well as other features. The driving profile also regulates the air conditioning and thermal management systems to optimise fuel and energy consumption. If you have opted for the DSG dual clutch gearbox, the mode also selects earlier switching points and activates energy-saving coasting as often as possible.

Of course, you are also free to enjoy the standard comfort settings - just select the NORMAL profile to do so. If, on the other hand, you want to drive in an especially sporty style or take on the challenges of a winding road, the SPORT profile is the perfect choice.

INDIVIDUAL mode is especially flexible: this profile allows you to combine the individual adjustments as you wish and even save your preferred settings.

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