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Volkswagen Battery

Hit the road with the Volkswagen Genuine Battery. More and more driver assistance systems ensure that you have a more convenient and environmentally responsible driving experience. The prerequisite is a strong starter battery that supplies your Volkswagen reliably with exactly the right quantity of energy.

Volkswagen Genuine Batteries.

Energy tailored exactly to your Volkswagen.


Reliable energy and more performance thanks to a higher than average lead content and top-quality materials: That's our Volkswagen Genuine Starter Batteries. The maintenance-free genuine batteries are the best replacement for your Volkswagen should you need one.


Your benefits.

Supplies precisely the quantity of energy that your Volkswagen needs.
More performance and Reliable Energy.
Thanks to higher-than-average lead content and high-quality materials.


Product information.

Your Volkswagen Genuine Starter Battery supplies precisely the quantity of energy that your Volkswagen needs. For environmentally friendly functions like the start-stop system. And for more convenience due to auxiliary heating, radio and everything that makes your journey even more pleasant and even nicer. 

Genuine Lead-calcium Starter Battery.

Maximum energy, high cold start reliability, low water consumption and an increased service life - the Volkswagen Genuine Lead-calcium Starter Batteries are a standard feature in all models that do not have a start-stop system.

Genuine Start-Stop EFB Battery.

Are you driving a Volkswagen with the automatic start-stop function? With its high cycle stability and improved charging capacity, the Volkswagen Genuine Starter Battery with EFB storage system really shines - it's the perfect choice for frequent engine restarts.

Genuine Start-Stop Starter AGM Battery.

The Volkswagen Genuine Battery with AGM energy storage system will guarantee a powerful start to your Volkswagen equipped with a brake energy regeneration system. This AGM battery covers the highest energy requirement of modern vehicles and will win you over with its extremely long service life.

Your energy level at a glance. In good shape with a high acid level. You can see whether your battery is alright from its acid indicator if it was manufactured after 2009. Can you see black? This is a good sign here. Is the display bright yellow? Head off to your Volkswagen Partner.

When is it time for a battery change?

Long down-times, lots of short haul trips: There are many factors that determine when it's time for a change: Generally speaking, you should have your battery checked once a year. In doing so, you'll always be able to rely on it.



How do you change the battery in the car key?

By changing the battery in the key yourself, you may damage the car key: Therefore, we recommend you head to your Volkswagen Partner when your battery is empty. It's not only a case of having the right technical skills: With many remote control keys, the battery change has to be completed within seconds - if it takes too long, the radio data stored in the key are lost. This may result in your key no longer recognising the vehicle and an initialisation becomes necessary.

Why does the battery wear down?

Your battery has to be changed from time to time. The reason: Every time it discharges, lead sulphate crystals form on the lead plates of the battery, which reduce the flow of electricity over time. The greater the number of lead sulphate crystals on the plate surfaces, the lower the capacity of the battery.

How do you change the car battery?

The safe option for both you and your Volkswagen: Have your battery changed by a professional. After all, there are many things to take into account: Battery acid is highly corrosive, escaping gases may explode and an incorrectly installed battery will damage your Volkswagen.

What damage is caused by the wrong battery?

Many Volkswagens contain a battery management system. It detects a number of aspects, such as the condition of the battery, and regulates the vehicle's energy consumption. It only works if the battery is perfectly coordinated with the vehicle and the system correctly identifies it via a code. Otherwise the battery may be charged unnecessarily or too strongly discharged. This may result in lasting damage.

When were my batteries made?

Are you unsure about the age of your Volkswagen battery? Not a problem. It's clearly displayed on the negative battery terminal, where the calendar week and year are imprinted.

6 things you are sure not to have known about your battery.

The heart of vehicle electrical systems.

Start-stop system, auxiliary heating or recuperation - a brake energy regeneration: the electrical systems in vehicles are becoming more and more complex and require batteries that are more cycle-proof.

Short journeys. More electricity.

With short journeys, vehicles often consume more electricity than the alternator can recharge.

Always on.

Safety functions and, for example, the anti-theft alarm system, coming home and leaving home functions require electricity even when your Volkswagen is switched off.

Shorter life.

In very hot weather or given long idle times, the battery may self-discharge, its lifetime thereby being reduced.

Heavy labour for your comfort.

Ventilation, seat and auxiliary heating, infotainment - modern cars have long since ceased to use the battery merely for starting.

Energy for the environment.

Start-stop system and recuperation (brake energy regeneration) make many Volkswagens more environmentally responsible - and need a cycle-proof battery that reliably produces peak performance.


Regain your braking energy.

When you slow down or brake, a part of your Volkswagen's kinetic energy is normally lost. A part of this energy is recovered through recuperation: It intentionally draws upon the alternator more strongly in this phase, thereby supplying the battery with more energy. The alternator converts the kinetic energy into electricity - like a bicycle dynamo. When the vehicle is accelerating, the alternator is drawn upon less or not at all. Reason: The vehicle now uses the energy that the battery has previously stored. That saves fuel and emissions.

Start-stop system.

Saves fuel at every red traffic light.

The start-stop system automatically switches the engine off and back on when you take your foot off the clutch or brake or depress it again. This enables you to consume up to 0.2 l less fuel for every 60 miles (100 km) in urban driving. Prerequisite: a battery that is particularly cycle-proof - i.e. remains efficient even with frequent charging and discharging.


Tips for a long battery life. More energy for longer: Get even more from your battery now.

Keep active.

Inactive batteries discharge, with lead sulphate being deposited on the lead plates and hindering the electricity flow. Battery capacity sinks. A maintainer keeps the battery active and prevents further deposits.

Clean is safe.

Keep the battery clean and dry using an anti-static cloth. Moisture in the engine compartment may cause creep currents, which suck up energy.

Long-distance runner.

On short journeys, your Volkswagen often needs more energy than the alternator can generate. The battery drains little by little. Drive longer distances on a regular basis to recharge it.

Battery Offers

Battery deals.


Enjoy special deal from RM365.


Price List

Battery Price List
Polo 5 1.6

Capacity : 36AH/175A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM457.00

Promo Retail Price : RM365.60

Bora, 1997 Vento-EU

Capacity : 44AH/220A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM522.00

Promo Retail Price : RM417.60

Polo GTI, Polo 5 1.2, Tiguan MQB

Capacity : 51AH/280A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM575.00

Promo Retail Price : RM460.00

Golf 6, Golf 5, Jetta 5, Jetta 6, Cross Touran 6, Golf Plus

Capacity : 61AH/330A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM773.00

Promo Retail Price : RM618.40

Beetle NF, Beetle NF GP, Polo 4 GTI, Phaeton, New Beetle, Tiguan

Capacity : 61AH/330A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM773.00

Promo Retail Price : RM618.40

Tiguan GP, Scirocco, Vento, Polo Sedan, Cross Polo 4 GP

Capacity : 61AH/330A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM773.00

Promo Retail Price : RM618.40

Passat B7, Passat CC, CC GP, Golf 6 R, Passat B6, Eos

Capacity : 72AH/380A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM902.00

Promo Retail Price : RM721.60

Eos GP, Cross Touran 5 GP, Sharan NF, Scirocco R

Capacity : 72AH/380A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM902.00

Promo Retail Price : RM721.60


Golf 5 R32

Capacity : 80AH/380A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM1,077.00

Promo Retail Price : RM861.60

Touareg, Touareg GP, Touareg NF TDI

Capacity : 85AH/450A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM930.40

Promo Retail Price : RM1,163.00

Golf 7, Jetta 6 GP, Passat B8, Tiguan GP 1.4

Capacity : 70AH/420A

Type : Enhance Flooded Battery - Start Stop

Recommended Retail Price : RM1,198.00

Promo Retail Price : RM958.40

Touareg NF

Capacity : 110AH/520A

Type : Lead Calcium

Recommended Retail Price : RM1,252.00

Promo Retail Price : RM1,001.60

Passat CC R Line

Capacity : 70AH/420A

Type : Enhance Flooded Battery - Start Stop

Recommended Retail Price : RM1,198.00

Promo Retail Price : RM958.40

Touareg NF Hybrid

Capacity : 75AH/420A

Type : AGM Start Stop

Recommended Retail Price : RM1,695.00

Promo Retail Price : RM1,356.00


Capacity : 92AH/520A

Type : AGM Start Stop

Recommended Retail Price : RM2.062.00

Promo Retail Price : RM1,649.60

Touareg NF

Capacity : 105AH/580A

Type : AGM Start Stop

Recommended Retail Price : RM2,110.00

Promo Retail Price : RM1,688.00